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09-05-06, 17:53
Hey all,

Is anyone on the forums looking forward to Alan Wake?

It's being developed for the PS3/ XBox 360 and PC by Remedy (Max Payne company).

www.alanwake.com (http://www.alanwake.com) is the site - not been updated too much though!

But hey, E3 is around the corner - you never know :)

Massive Max Payne 1 + 2 fan here btw!


09-05-06, 18:13
Looks great! You may want to edit your post, however, as it's coming for XBox 360 and PC as well.

09-05-06, 18:17
Cheers for that LOL!


09-05-06, 18:24
I saw a preety article in a magazine, last year , Allan Wake rulez -> refering to the graphic, it's awsome!!! Can't wait to play!! :jmp:
I like the effect of tranquility, after seeing those nice screenshots :)

09-05-06, 19:54
It looks stunning.


No Alan Wake at E3 2006

One of the bigger high profile titles that was first shown at E3 last year was Alan Wake, an impressive looking action-mystery game from Max Payne developer Remedy. Since E3 there has been little info on the development of Alan Wake. FiringSquad decided to contact Remedy to get an update and was told by Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne that while the team is "anxious" to show people their progress, "we want to keep the momentum going on the development side and are not showing the game at E3.". He did hint, however, about an announcement that may be made around the E3 time frame this year and of course we will post up the news if and when that happens.

Above information from the discussion forums on the site!

And (better news):

It's Official! Microsoft will be publishing Alan Wake

12:36: Trailer shown for second Vista/360 dual release, Alan Wake. Microsoft publising now, apparently.

12:38: Clip shows sun setting on town, Alan Wake running around darkness. Moore confirms game will be published by Microsoft, exclusively for Windows and Xbox 360.

So we can expect Alan Wake to hit our PC's and 360's!

So we can expect Alan Wake to hit our PC's and 360's!

EDIT: Oops scratch that.. release date isn't confirmed http://www.alanwake.com/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif That was for the game shown previous to Alan.

However I can add another comment a Gamespot editor made about Alan Wake:

Next up... a game from Remedy. Alan Wake. Dude looks pretty freaked out with his pistol and his lantern.

Other information thanks to discussion forums also :D



09-05-06, 19:55
Its looks great i been waiting for it since last years E3 :(, lol. I love them type of survial horror kinda things. So many great Games.

09-05-06, 20:00
Yeah, Really looking forward to it!

It will be one of the games i want for ps3!

Devil May Cry 4 being another of them!


09-05-06, 23:18

Look at:


NEW trailer there also!

The game looks so stunning!


tlr online
09-05-06, 23:22
Max Payne rocked, so this should be good.

09-05-06, 23:23
Did you watch it Justin?

I am getting Steven King moments here!!

I.E. Misery - one of my favourite movies!


10-05-06, 01:13
I'm so upset that this game will not be for the PS3. :( I was looking forward too it.

10-05-06, 01:31
Im just excited because it's an adventure game. Only thing thats been a good adventure game in a LONG time is Dreamfall.

10-05-06, 02:03
You can download HD quality trailer on the official site (http://www.alanwake.com/movies.html). It's stunning.

And I love Remedy :)

ps. Alan Wake will be shown on E3 only behind closed-doors, for devs only. It's a pity...

11-05-06, 15:16
The HD trailer is amazing!

Thanks for the link also:)

Can't wait!