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09-05-06, 21:38
Just an opinion question...

Is anyone getting REALLY bored with the sims...cuz The Sims 2 is feeling like the original all over again...after all the expansion packs are really similar IMO...

what do you guys think?


09-05-06, 21:39
I don't have any expansion packs, as they all seem the same. I have the original Sims game, The Sims 2, and The Sims: Bustin' Out. A few of the expansion packs look good, but I never bought any.

09-05-06, 21:43
Nope, not at all!

Still as obsessed as ever! LOL:D


Legend of Lara
09-05-06, 21:43
I got Sims 2 on PS2. Enough new stuff to keep me hooked.

09-05-06, 21:45
Got all expansions, games and console variations (PS2)


09-05-06, 21:46
havent playd it after nightlife.. got too boring for me :(

Legend of Lara
09-05-06, 21:47
havent playd it after nightlife.. got too boring for me :(

Yeah, the PC expansion packs have gotten weaker and weaker. Family Fun Stuff was horrible!

09-05-06, 21:48
But, on a lighter note!

New expansion will be announced at E3!

Really looking forward to SPORE!


09-05-06, 21:49
I love the sims 2! Although I spend most my time either building sims in body shop or building houses, coz thats the most fun :D

I've yet to get the expansion packs. I have the mini christmas one, and I want nightlife and the one with shops. I can't get too many though otherwise my laptop might implode. :p

09-05-06, 22:09
I got bored after about five months of it. Then Sims 2 came out and got bored after about two months of it. Just gets a bit repetitive and doesn't allow enough flexibility within the limitations for my taste.

I always did like summoning zombies and ghosts though. :p

09-05-06, 22:10
Zombie Alien Vampire Servo rocks by the way!