View Full Version : E3?

10-05-06, 11:46
What 's E3, everyone 's talking about?

(pardon my ignorance)

10-05-06, 11:48
E3 is a sort of convention for the video games industry. People are so interested in it because it is where the latest games and technologies are previewed. Its fiercly competitive and the firms all try to outshine each other. From what i've seen you go and get lots of freebies and have your photo taken with a random model dressed as lara :D

I would go if it wasnt on the other side of the world.

10-05-06, 11:51
E3=Electronic Entertainment Expo, held annually in Los Angeles

It is strictly trade only, general public are not allowed, I'm afraid :(

10-05-06, 11:53
I got first line coverage! :D.

Got a few buds over there scopig the place out. They are gonna bring some taped goodies back.

<*Has already seen Halo 3 prieview.* Can't wait!

10-05-06, 12:05
Los Angeles :( so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope that they build another E3 over the world