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11-05-06, 03:28
Hows this for a bored day at work? :tea: (to my boss)

Based on :
63300 threads
909052 posts
19745 members

The average member has 46.04 posts and has started 3.21 threads
How do you compare?

The forum has been running approx 2166 Days ( 25 days till 6th birthday on 6/6/06?) http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Holidays/Dancing-Chilli.gif

Therefore we have 9.12 members join per day
At this rate we will reach 20,000 members in approx 28 days
So somewhere around 8th June :D

We average 17.48 posts per hour or 419.68 posts a day
At this rate we will reach 1000000 posts in 217 days
So somewhere around 14th Dec :D

Hows that for a healthy forum? Thanx tlr http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Feelings/Victory.gif

I notice at the moment 19 members and 66 guests. Think of the forum
as a swimming pool. All the members are in the water swimming and having
a great time. All the visitors are people watching. To all the visitors, get your bathers on (register) and come on in. The waters fine!

Don’t post – you’ll ruin my statistics – DOH! http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Feelings/Doh3.gif
Bugger, back to the calculator! :cen:

11-05-06, 06:03

:vlol: :vlol:

Ahem, sorry, it's just my first time seeing a carrot doing the banana routine...

Melonie Tomb Raider
11-05-06, 06:05
Awesome! :cool:

Lonely Istari
11-05-06, 06:07
wow... You must've been bored...


11-05-06, 11:00
I never thought of it that way. LOL! Nice stats DREWY :tmb:

Don’t post – you’ll ruin my statistics – DOH! http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Feelings/Doh3.gif
Bugger, back to the calculator! :cen:


11-05-06, 11:41
:D that's alot of people! but eh.. 6th birhtday 6th of 6th in 06 :cln: alot of six's

Tomb of Legends
11-05-06, 12:04
Beasts numbers...666! Run bad luck! XD

PS. Still dont get that thing...

11-05-06, 13:13
owesome! I can create a small town!!!!:jmp:

Truth is when I read the statistics, one question came up first:
If we put aside non-active members(meaning members with less than 10 posts total for ages) what would our stats be?
I think that would be more realistics, don't you think?

11-05-06, 14:35

Not 666!!! Damieeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Tomb Raider Master
11-05-06, 14:39
LOL! :D Nice to know that, Drewy! :tmb:

Lara Croft!
11-05-06, 15:08
Very impressive Drewy,btw love that dancing icon!!!LOL

Capt. Murphy
11-05-06, 15:30
That's a dancin' Chili Pepper. :D

I seen there were something like 1652 views. That's 7-7.

http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/349578/emoticon_pepper.gif http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-8/349578/woot.gif

tlr online
11-05-06, 15:33
Actually, we have around 3,000 new posts every day :p