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13-05-06, 05:01
Hello all, Ive owned cds all my life i know to take the disc out all you need to do is push the middle button of the case down and take the disc out easily. But ive been noticing that some xbox 1 and some xbox 360 games are coming with some weird case that you cannot push the middle button down and the discs are a pain to release to take them out.

Lara Lover
13-05-06, 08:26
Sometimes they make DVD Covers the same. It's a real pain :tmb:

13-05-06, 09:15
my legend ps2 disk was like that... i had to stick my hand under the disk
to prize it out... :o

13-05-06, 14:28
That sucks LOL, I have no clue why they make such cases.

13-05-06, 15:07
Depends who makes the case, the ones you are talking about are made by Flexbox, they make them like that because you can put 3 discs in it, the normal push ones are made by Amaray, I don't like them becasue the disc is free to spin around and get scratched, also the disc wil become loose if you put pressure down on the case, Flexbox cases are superior, they also have one which when closed pushed down on the disc edge so it will not become loose...

13-05-06, 15:26
Yea but arent the flex cases a bit dangerous for the disc can it break cause its too hard to take out?

14-05-06, 06:06
my legend ps2 disk was like that... i had to stick my hand under the disk
to prize it out... :o

That is why every time I get a music or game CD / DVD I buy third-party 3-ring loose-leaf CD / DVD holders and transfer the discs to it and.....GET RID OF THE JEWEL CASES! :hea: :D Because they are a royal :cen: :cen: :cen: :cen: :cen: ...LOL! But unfortunately, we have to live with them and the idiots who design and create them...believe it or not they are for shipping purposes only! The 3-ring loose-leaf holders that I get work extreemly well and all owners manuals/instruction books I put into a pouch that I either bought or made myseld so that all of the gaming materials stay in one place! ;)

14-05-06, 15:17
I got a question to all TRL owners anywhere and especially in the U.S. who was lucky to grab a TRL copy and the case was amaray not flexbox?

14-05-06, 17:15
Anyone? And does anyone know where i can get replacemtn dvd cases with xbox green color.

15-05-06, 15:20
Someone knows?