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Legend of Lara
18-05-06, 22:21
uguu am I cute in my favourite swimsuit

18-05-06, 22:23
Wow you really hate her don't you? :D

Legend of Lara
18-05-06, 22:24
uguu am I cute no

18-05-06, 22:25
She was a bit of a stupid,but why do you hate her so much?

Legend of Lara
18-05-06, 22:27
uguu I'm not cute am I

18-05-06, 22:30
Well,perhaps now you'll see your wish fullfilled,lol!

Anyway, what did she told to offend Greece? I thought her performance would ofeend anyone!

18-05-06, 22:33
:( :( :(

I really, really, really like her!! She's funny! I love her attitude!

Only thing I didn't like was that she called Björk a retard in a interview I watched. :mad:

18-05-06, 22:33
I think she said something like they did a lousy job and they're no good.
Something like that, they showed it on the news and there were lots of beeps :p

18-05-06, 22:33
doesnt anyone here or in the rest of europe have any humor. i cant believe anyone would think Silvia actually being serious? :eek: i anyone doesnt understand her, then think of her as a character in Pink's Stupid Girls video and u might get the idea... ;)

Legend of Lara
18-05-06, 22:38
uguu screw you I'm totally cute

18-05-06, 22:38
hmm she dosnt sound very nice... from what i have heard about her comments on Bjork she sounds like charlotte church ( Calling certain bands ugly )

she seems to be hated... never seen or heard of her before... personaly i dont care to learn about her after what everyone has been saying...

18-05-06, 22:46
You have to understand that she is a CHARACTER. :)
She's narcisstic and very comfident and *****y! :D
Come on, it's for fun! :D

19-05-06, 13:26
I saw her performance! :D She was just one big joke, couldn't stop laughing...she sang like "a barbie" :vlol: Thank god she's not in the final :)

19-05-06, 13:47
yer i think she should be deported- such a dissapointment to a country- yes she has a character, the worng one

Legend of Lara
19-05-06, 13:49
uguu if I'm not cute then neither are you

19-05-06, 13:51
People dont dislike her because she is 'a character' its because she is horrid, unoriginal and desperate for attention. She calls herself an international superstar , and thats after just one TV show in iceland. Now with all respect to iceland, a hit tv show there is not the same as one in the USA. There is something about her which is exceptionally unlikable. :mad: Maybe she can represent greenland next time.

19-05-06, 13:55
ATTENTION SEEKER- couldnt have summed her up like you did mattser

19-05-06, 15:33
I saw it on the news. Silvia Night is starting to hate Europe, started to speack Icelantic again and cryed her eyes out because she didn't qualify for the finals. She said the ones who qualifyed are just losers who won't even perform averagely. Then she claimed to go to the USA and release zillions of new albums. Chances of that happening: Not good. Now, Silvia Night is a falling star. I got one thing to say: IN YOUR FACE!!! :mis:
Anyhoo... the weakened Silvia Night will probably (and hopefully) lead to her returning to become the true person behind the makeup: Ágústa Eva!
I'd love to see that interview. Is there a link to watch it online?

Legend of Lara
19-05-06, 15:36

Legend of Lara
19-05-06, 17:29
uguu am I cute

19-05-06, 17:46
The truth is that her behaviour was unacceptable. First, before the semi-finals and then after that. She was not able to accept the fact she didn't make it. But her fiance said the correct thing "Please, the circus is over". Indeed, a circus...

19-05-06, 18:06
For those who want to see this interview:
You can see it here (http://dagskra.ruv.is/streaming/news/?file=4284713)!
Have fun. :mis:
great :tmb:

19-05-06, 18:11
Can anyone translate whatever she's saying cause I didn't get a word except for "Eurovision" and "Love You".

Legend of Lara
19-05-06, 18:23
uguu Silvia Night is cute

19-05-06, 18:35
(...)Then she said all the others were losers and she espesially flamed Lithunia. That's about it. :D

This just shows how unprofessional she is!

19-05-06, 18:43
Hei, Duff. Nordmann? :)

The interview was funny! :D

I just read a Swedish interview. Apparently she said that the Swedish singer, Carola (whom I hate intensly) slept her way through the compotition.

Love her attitude! So funny! :D :D :D
You can't deny she's comfident!
Must be a Nordic thing. Silvía has become VERY popular in Norway these last days. We love people like that!
SO RUDE! :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

19-05-06, 18:45
She is def on drugs. Look at how she sways about and is all over the place.

Anyway has she been sent to prison for rubbish singing yet?

19-05-06, 18:47
'kay, hold on...
She said she was really disapointed by her loss and claimed to leave and go to the USA. She also said she'd just go back to her grandfather. And then she apologized to Iceland for being such a b***h and ditching the Icelantic language. Then she said all the others were losers and she espesially flamed Lithunia. That's about it. :D
Wow, she's right. She IS a B***h :p An unprofessional B***h.

19-05-06, 18:49
can someone explain how she is going to america? As an illegal immigrant? Certainly not as a sucessful singer.

19-05-06, 18:58
Hei, Duff. Nordmann? :)

(...) Silvía has become VERY popular in Norway these last days. We love people like that!
SO RUDE! :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

Yes, Nordmann :p

W00t? Silvía is popular in Norway? I haven't seen or heard anything about that... She is NOT popular in my eyes, though :D

19-05-06, 19:05
Velkommen til forumet, Duff. :)

Come on, she's the enbodiment of Nordic humour! :D
But of course, not everyone can like her. :)

Legend of Lara
19-05-06, 19:53
clarfy darfy and that takes care of this thread mr. person from 2012 ha ha