View Full Version : Guitar Hero to 360 and others?

19-05-06, 12:55
Games giant acquires Guitar Hero
Guitar hero allows players to become a virtual rock legend

The maker of the smash-hit Guitar Hero game is to be bought by industry giant Activision, it has been announced.

Red Octane, which specialises in innovative music titles, is expected to release the second instalment of the popular series later this year.
Guitar hero allows owners of a PlayStation 2 to strum rock-riffs on a guitar-shaped controller.

The Activision deal means the game may soon be available on other consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox 360.


19-05-06, 12:58
Guitar Hero is awesome! I can't wait for #2... although I hope there's some kind of 3rd party adapter made so that I can use my PS2 guitar on my 360. Otherwise I'll go with the PS2 version again and save money by just getting the game without the guitar.

19-05-06, 13:02
I love Guitar Hero! But I wonder what difference would it make being on the 360? Unless they'll do what Singstar are doing by upgrading the eye-toy visuals, or perhaps using the actual music videos as well....

Legend of Lara
19-05-06, 14:06
Hm... nice touch. But the PS2 version will always be da best!!!