View Full Version : This is going to be one good weekend

19-05-06, 22:16
I mean, it's just too good to be true. Not only I will get to play full version of Legend AT LAST, but on Sunday I'm supposedly getting MY OWN, precious Xbox 360! Took me a long time to get here - funny how random good things sometimes accumulate. Legend will be PS2 version though (some French chap on eBay didn't want to sell me his 360 with 360 Legend - probably got scared off by my broken French :hea: Need more practice), but what the hell. I even bought crappy throwaway headphones and am going to play all night. Not to mention I'll finally be able to sneak back to Legend section - Chat Room is fun but somewhat tiring :p

And 360 is a used version, bought online, but trusted. And so blatantly cheap that I'll still have money for Oblivion. Oh boy. Someone slap me out of that.

PS. UK eBayers - curse you! All good stuff stays in UK, eh?

19-05-06, 22:18
Good luck with Legend...nuff said:D

19-05-06, 22:38
nice buy.
This weekend already is starting out good for myself too, in 30 min I'm off to see Mission Impossible 3 :D

20-05-06, 07:46
Have fun.

This weekend is going to be torture for me. :(

20-05-06, 08:06
Sounds like it will be a good weekend then