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20-05-06, 01:17
I'm not sure where to post this so I'll post it here cause here are the most active members :whi:

So yah that's the question, what's your fav. TR and why?
For me it's TR2 because it's the first one I ever played :D

20-05-06, 01:18
You should post in general chat. And it's TR3 or TR4, i can't decide! :hea: HELP! :D :(

20-05-06, 01:19
Yah I thought that.. lol ahh well if it's really trouble here a mod can move it right :whi:

Anyway to help you decide I say 4 cause it's more of a Tomb Raider :D

20-05-06, 01:23
Yeah, let's wait what the MOD is going to decide were this thread should be, before we continue.

20-05-06, 01:24
Oh I have a nice one why it should be here..
It's the last TR so far and if you want to give a nice judgement (not sure if that's what you call it?? :confused: ) about all the games you should've played them all :D

Makes sense? :)

20-05-06, 01:33
Well, my all time favourite TR game is TR III, a close second is TR II.
Both I rate 10 out of 10.
TR 1 9.8/10
TR 4 9/10
TR 5 8.9/10
TR 6 8.2/10
TR 7 9.3/10

20-05-06, 01:54
Moving to General Chat...

20-05-06, 02:04

20-05-06, 02:05
have to go with TR1 despite the fact that it's strictly indoors :D

20-05-06, 02:07
TR3 - it was the first TR game I played and it has a special place in my heart. :D

20-05-06, 02:36
It's not the best, but TR2 is my favorite, because it introduced me to the Tomb Raider series.

Larissa Croft
20-05-06, 03:34
Tomb Raider 2 Deffinetly
I just tought to send some topic like this well i am glad that someone else sent it.
I want to ask people who love Tomb Raider 2 which is their favourite level. And describe why please.

20-05-06, 05:22
tr2 or tr4

20-05-06, 05:54
TR4 :wve:

20-05-06, 05:57
TR3 or TRC :rolleyes:

20-05-06, 06:17
Played Tr1 (on PDA) and TR7 (PC), err...somehow I feel the Tr1 better.

in these arms
20-05-06, 06:26
tr1 first tr i played and completed

20-05-06, 06:56
TRLR for me it since it's a great mix of puzzels and fighting!:)
I ws also hard because I always ran out of Uzi ammo!:hea:

20-05-06, 07:01
Tomb Raider Legend

Paul H
20-05-06, 07:42
My favourites are TR1, TR2 and TR6.

TR1 is probably the best game ever made.

Making a follow up to such a masterpiece as TR1 was a huge challenge but the makers didn't disappoint with TR2 which was also a masterpiece.

TR6 added the true mystery adventure element to the series which, after five action only games, was definitely needed. I don't care about the few bugs in the game; the great story and all the other new elements more than made up for that.

20-05-06, 08:04
In order:

1. Tomb Raider 1 - the original, the best, and, like Paul H said, the greatest game ever made.
2. Tomb Raider 3 - it may be difficult, but the levels are fantastic and it still retains the spookiness and fab atmosphere of TR1. There's also a nice balance between puzzles and shooting, which I'm not so sure TR2 managed to achieve.
3. Tomb Raider Legend - gorgeous graphics, lovely new controls (well, after AoD anyway), and despite its flaws, it has some very nice levels indeed.
4. Angel of Darkness - controls completely sucked, but the levels are awesome (excluding the Parisian Ghetto... tedious!!!!) and we saw a side of Lara we never knew before.
5. TR: Last Revelation - it's long, but it's filled up to the eyeballs with
fiendish puzzles, and it goes right back to the roots of Tomb Raider... though minus the bacon mutants :(.

20-05-06, 08:18
TR1. The first TR I played (well, it was the only TR at the time!)

Never, ever have I felt so many conflicting emotions whilst playing a game - awe, wonder, frustration, pant-wetting fear...

I simply adore this game. In my eyes, it'll never be beaten. :)

20-05-06, 08:27
Marks out of 10 (and in order number 1 being my favourite)

1.TR1- 10/10 great game, the first one i played loved it :tmb:
2.TR2- 9.5/10 loved the game and the story, the levels were amazing :D
3.TRL- 9.5./10 BRILLIANT :D :tmb:
4.TRAoD- 9.2/10 brilliant story, both characters a bit slow, very buggy, great game :)
5.TR4- 8.4/10 not finished it but grat so far :)
6.Tr5-7/10 i feel that this game was all unused game parts from the previous games, all thrown together. No particular story only those 3 talking about how great she was, and good game all the same :)
7.TR3-6/10- many will disagree i know, but i haven't really started this game, i yet need to play it properly to make my mind up on it. It's good from what i've seen though :)

20-05-06, 08:54
Tomb Raider 3

20-05-06, 08:58
I figured I world do this too!:D
- TRLR, just simply brillent;)
- TR2, nothing can beat floating islands!!!!:jmp:
- TR1, was a hard choice between TR1 and 2
- TR Legend, great game but too short for me:)
- TR6, was a great game and could have gone on, but its just controls!
- TR3, also great game but I dont really want to play it anymore!
- TR5, was good game but wasn't fond of it that much!!!:p

20-05-06, 09:26
TR1. The first and the best.

20-05-06, 10:31
Tomb Raider 3 because is the best:)
And Angel of Darkness for best Lara:D

Tomb Raider Master
20-05-06, 10:33
The Last Revelation :wve:

20-05-06, 10:41
It's one of the best games ever made.

20-05-06, 10:42
My favorite TR is Tomb Raider The Last Revelation remade for PS3 :p

20-05-06, 10:44
TR3 - it was the first TR game I played and it has a special place in my heart. :D

Yeah, same for me. :D

20-05-06, 11:19
TR4. Cause it was the first game I ever played. But I like chronicles and TR3 very much to

20-05-06, 12:19
TR1 and TR4

TR1: Great story, great locations, cool puzzles, levels and the feeling it gave me never goes away when I play it :D

TR4: Love the story, it's all Egypt and very Tomb Raidery, it's got length, amazing puzzles, and just a fantastic feel to it!
Thanks Core! :tmb:

20-05-06, 12:52
TR1, AoD, TR4 (they share first place, really can't choose :p)

TR1: cause it was the first Tomb Raider i've ever played.. and despite my expectations i fell in love with it..

TR4: cause i hoped there would be a TR game that took place in Egypte, with Egyptian Gods and everything.. so i was really pleased with this game..

AoD: i still think this was a masterpiece.. what a brilliant game.. Lara was looking better than ever and the levels were looking better and more amazing and it wasn't as easy as Legend or Chronicles.. and the story was brilliant.. love this game..

20-05-06, 12:57
TR3 is memorable because it was the first tombraider I played.

AOD because Lara looks much better and also the graphics are great, I played it for like 5 times in a row

20-05-06, 13:28
TR 3 - Biggest challenge

20-05-06, 13:38
Tomb Raider II for me.
Very good improvement to the first, and from that on not much innovative new things were added.

20-05-06, 14:58
1st Tomb Raider 2 (first game i played and i loved the levels)
2nd Tomb Raider 1 (i loved the story and the locations
3rd Tomb Raider 3 (almost perfect, didn't like the London levels)
4th Tomb Raider Legend (finally not gridbased, a real tomb raider game after but too short)
5th Tomb Raider 4 (it was still gridbased and not so much difference between the 3rd and 4th game)
6th Tomb Raider 5 (boring boring boring, i didn't like it)
7th Tomb Raider 6 (i really hated it, it was like a bad mix of tomb raider and splinter cell with a undetailed Lara who moves like a cow and extreamly buggy)

20-05-06, 15:01
The Last Revelation is definately my favourite :)

It has brilliant visuals, challenging puzzles and its set in Egypt :D

20-05-06, 15:04
Mine is definatly TR3 because its the first TR Game i played :)

EDIT: Sorry for my bad english ¬¬

Lara Croft!
20-05-06, 17:48
TR II !!!!

20-05-06, 20:09
My fav TRs (from best to worst):
1. Can't decide between TR3 & TR4 ... TR3 was the first one I played, & fell so deeply in love with it ... OTOH, TR4 was so cool: fantastic puzzles, gorgeous locales, and lots of long, challenging levels.
2. I am not sure if The Lost Artifact counts as a game by itself, but I just finished playing it, & I love it!
3. TR5 - Well, the only reason that this game even deserves to be on this list is because of the 3 VCI levels, esp. Red Alert, which was unbelievably cool (also unbelievably bug-filled, but that just added to the challenge).
4. TR2 - it had some pretty cool places (Venice, Barkhang Monastery, Floating Islands - wow!), but on the whole, it left me slightly disappointed, esp. the boring underwater levels in the middle.

I haven't played TR1 or AOD, so I can't comment on them. And I just got Legend today, so I am off to see if it will make my favorites list. :D

21-05-06, 10:48
From best to worst:
1. Tomb Raider 1 (Love that one, great story, amazing locations)
2. Tomb Raider Legend (a great game, but too short)
3. Tomb Raider III (First one I played)
4. AOD (Lara looks, nice story)
5. Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider 4 (I can't decide which one is better)
7. Tomb Raider Chronicles (The worst TR I played)

(I'm wondering how many countries has Lara visited. Is there anyone who can help me? :hug:)

21-05-06, 11:22
Here's my list:

1. TR2 - Because it was long, and the places were beautiful
2. TR1 - Same as aobove, plus the story was great
3. AoD - Because it had great graphics, cool characters, and loved Lara's new looking
4. TR3 - It had great music and pretty interesting levels
5. TR5 - because of the outfits and the cool levels :p
6. TR4 - it was too hard for my simple brain, and never finished it :p

Legend of Lara
21-05-06, 11:26
Here's my list from best to worst.

1. Legend. Best game EVA!!! But painfully short. :(
2. TR1. Great story. :D

That's it! Legend and TR1. I'm working on hunting down TRs 2-AoD. :D

21-05-06, 11:27
Here is my list:

1. TR3 or TR4 (Can't Decide)
2. TR3 or TR4 (Can't Decide)
3. Legned
4. AOD
5. TR5
6. TR2
7. TR1 :p

21-05-06, 11:42
1. Dagger of Xian
2. Tomb Raider 1
3. Legend
4. Chronicles
5. Angel of Darkness
6. Last Revelation
7. Adventures of Lara Croft

Night Crawler
21-05-06, 13:14
Tomb Raider 4, beause you feel just as exausted as Lara at the end of it.

tlr online
21-05-06, 13:14
Tomb Raider II :)