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Capt. Murphy
20-05-06, 14:59
..Help me find out what this is.

I believe I was meant to find something, I won't get into all the details, but it's an article of clothing made by Liz Claiborne. What that article of clothing is -I do not know. All that was left (in the same conspicuous place for 3 or 4 days in a row) was a product/price tag. I'm positive I was meant to find it.

Going by what is on the tag: Style REPU6886, Color 660 (I believe this is 'French Blue'), [size] Petite 10, Fashion Essentials IV-R, Suggested Retail $49.00...

I've looked at http://www.lizclaiborne.com/home/index.jsp before but couldn't find anything. I'm kinda thinking this is a type of shirt...? No? Maybe a dress? I really don't know. :confused:

If any place had members that would know - I figured it would certainly be this place, or they'd have a much better idea than me.

Oh, yeah, I could call their 1-800 #... But I figured this would be more fun to let some of you research this -if you feel like it.;)

Thanks in advance. :wve: