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21-05-06, 01:13
that's right. the final episode of charmed ever is tommorow. it's sad to see another wonderful show end. this show has givien us 8 wonderfull years that we all enjoyed. with the lost of a sister, boyfriend turned evil, future son coming to save the past, a white lighter turned evil, faking deaths, and facing betrayal . this show has given us happiness sadnned and many others. so anyways the final episode is tommorow called forever charmed. so all you charmed fans out there don't forget to tune in and watch charmed on sunday at 8/7c on the wb

21-05-06, 01:16
Eight years!? :eek: I've only heard of Charmed last year or something... Either that, or I'm having a severe case of memory loss...

21-05-06, 01:17
oooh.. i really don't like it :(..

i'm not even able to watch it tomorrow.. cause it airs later in the Netherlands.. so i will have to wait a while for the last one.. i hope phoebe and paige will be braught back to life..

there's a teaser on this site:
www.thecharmedones.com (http://www.thecharmedones.com)

but the teaser reveals the entire episode.. i couldn't resist reading the first part.. i know that both Piper and Billie want to go back to the past to fix everything.. i feel so bad for Billie.. cause i really liked her.. and i hate her little sister (or is she older?) i can't wait to see the last episode

21-05-06, 01:28
I'm really sad:(

21-05-06, 01:57
yea i'm sad to and christ is the older sister

21-05-06, 02:12
I'm watching it even though I've missed like, the last three seasons! It's sad to see it end. :(

21-05-06, 02:47
Unfortunately I think it should have ended years ago, it used to be an awesome show, then went majorly downhill.
I stopped watching during season 6, but i think the turning point was when Cole died in season 5.

Season 3 and 4 were incredible though :D

21-05-06, 03:37
Desperate housewives has ended it's second season and we're gonna wait a little while for season 3.:p

Charmed ended for good? :(
Nothing good ever last forever

21-05-06, 04:43
ooo i don't understand why you said something about desperate housewives in a charmed thread but what ever. nothing good lasts forever that would make a great sig/ anyways yea i'm really sad about it ending i followed the show since the beginning and so have many others i'm pretty sure they are feeling sad and bad

Lara Lover
21-05-06, 07:05
Last episode? :eek:

Aww, It was such a great show. Well worth watching :tmb:

21-05-06, 07:51
Noooooo not another one gone forever,ive allready lost Buffy,Stargate,Zena and others what will i do whats happening


Its a nightmare someone tell me its not wake me up


21-05-06, 08:42
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( i love charmed, only started watching it form season 1 in january, i'm so watching the last episode (i know what hapens though :D )

21-05-06, 08:56
I have watched Charmed since about Season 3... and I'm sad it's coming to an end. But the episodes this season have started to get a bit boring, mainly because they all focus around the same thing.

But does anyone know the date the final episode is on in England?

21-05-06, 10:29
Im REALLY SAD now! I was watching it from the begining.And Now it Ends? This CAN'T BE TRUE! Altough the 8th season is still not available in my country:(

Legend of Lara
21-05-06, 11:51
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Good that Iceland is airing the... seventh season... but still... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I LOVED THE THIRD SEASON SOOO MUCH!!!

21-05-06, 12:02
The last episode is gonna be great. I read about the guests!

It's sad Shannen won't be in it though.

21-05-06, 12:04
Why would Prue be in it? you mean like a goodbye or something?

21-05-06, 12:07
Because so many from the past will return in that episode, so why wouldn't Prue?


In the teaser for the last episode you see that her mom and grandma returns to help Piper to resurect Phoebe and Paige, so why wouldn't Prue return?

21-05-06, 12:10
haha i don't think Shannen wants to ;) it would be cool though

21-05-06, 14:26
they never asked shannen to come back for the last episode becasue he really wants to focus on the sisters right now for the final episode and if prue did come back it would all be about prue since so many people keep wanting her back they would lose focus on the sisters

21-05-06, 14:28
Shannen got fired, didn't she? Or she quit?

21-05-06, 15:26
i dunno really. some many reasdons why she left. anyways final episode is airing todya don't forget to watch

21-05-06, 15:28
I won't :tmb:

21-05-06, 15:41
Shannen got fired. She didn't get along with Alyssa.

I won't be able to see it until tomorrow since I don't live in the US.

I hope they end it good. Or I'll cry.

21-05-06, 15:47
i will probably have that episode in my episode download on my site but i better not give it out lol. i do hope they have a good ending as well. a great series must have a good ending

22-05-06, 02:07
sorry for double posting. but did you all catch the series finale. it was a great sum up of everything