View Full Version : Joystick or keyboard?

Croft's Tutor
21-05-06, 12:39
Which do you think it's better to play? Joystick or keyboard? I still don't have the Legend Game because I'm from Brazil and this game isn't available to sale. Though, i'll have change my pc (it's older than my grandfather!!!). I'd like to play this game of the best way possible. So, it's better to play with joystick or keyboard? (I always play the previous games with keyboard).

Legend of Lara
21-05-06, 12:39
I play them with my PS2 pad. :D

21-05-06, 12:48

21-05-06, 13:00
Keyboard. :D

Night Crawler
21-05-06, 13:12
I hardly play any PC games but I do prefere using a joypad when I do. It depends on the type of game really though I guess.

Tomb Raider Master
21-05-06, 13:39
Keyboard, because I got used to it. :) Although, I'm pretty good with joystick, too. ;)

21-05-06, 14:31
Although I normally am a huge joystick fan, I'll say Legend plays best with mouse and keyboard. To make this game playable you'll need to control the camera at all times, and this is best done by aiming with the mouse like in first-person shooters.

21-05-06, 14:31
Keyboard :cool: