View Full Version : Gaming server for my clan? Anyone?

21-05-06, 14:39
Hiya all!

I know this may be a long shot and may be slightly cheeky for asking, but could anyone on here possibaly supply me with a gaming server for my clan. I have very little money so either free or very cheap would be preferable.

I want the server to be preferably running Linux and be able to server Unreal Torunument 2004.

Thank you very much,

21-05-06, 14:41
Ummm, No :p Lol! If you wantour server services, you'll need to join us ;).

21-05-06, 15:18
Cheaper than these you won't get them. I had them to run DOOM (1 and 2) servers, I don't know how much UT04 requires...
But you can get a month's trial period I think.

The're "virtually dedicated", so you can do what you want but you're sharing it with others.


21-05-06, 16:43
Hmm.. I wanted it in English preferably... :p I live in the UK so a UK server would be best, but USA will do..

21-05-06, 17:56
Well you're not too accommodating considering how much you want for free. :p Why not get your clan members to all chip a little cash in so you can pay for one?

21-05-06, 18:17
I dont have many clan members yet because I wanted to launch the clan/site with a server already in place for people to play on.. :p

21-05-06, 18:27
DOOM has a number of server running on Multiplay UK (http://www.multiplay.co.uk) systems... They're really good, maybe check them out.