View Full Version : I Love Ddr!!!

Soma Holiday
21-05-06, 18:39
My friend got me hooked on it about 3 weeks ago and I CANNOT stop playing...I mean I'm up till 4am sometimes, it's crazy! I've gotten through most standards, but the heavy's are still too fast for me...

Does anyone else play?

21-05-06, 18:42
What is Ddr? maybe some screen? :p

21-05-06, 18:42
Omg, I love it too. :D It's fun, and it's a good workout!

21-05-06, 18:44
Nevermind, now i know what is Ddr. :D

Soma Holiday
21-05-06, 18:47
yep lol...dance dance revolution....I preobably should have wrote it out haha...omg it is such a workout for sure! especially when you play it nonstop for 5 hours haha...I still haven't played it on an arcade machine, just at home. I wonder if it's any different, easier or harder...I'm trying to find one somewhere.

21-05-06, 18:48
I have two dance mats at home that I use sometimes, but at our movie theater, we have the machines. There are always these people who are like, PROS at it. And I mean pros. They're amazing.

Soma Holiday
21-05-06, 18:52
My friend is like that, a pro...I mean he got mad when he hat like 1 'great' instead of 'perfect' and he was on like heavy tsugaru or something...I mean it's crazy watching their feet!

He knows where some actual machines are but there a long way away...I'll have to take him with me, so I can just let him play and pretend that I'm that good haha...then when everyone leaves I'll try it. :D

21-05-06, 18:58
I love DDR, ive ben playing for about 3/4 years now, i love it! I got pretty good at it aswell, was able to do the Expert(green) difficulty on most tracks, but havnt been on it in a while so i hope i havnt lost my touch!

Legend of Lara
21-05-06, 20:37
Is it possible to NOT get hooked at DDR?

21-05-06, 21:06
What is Ddr? maybe some screen? :p
There you go (http://www.ddr-im-www.de/Bilder/zonengrenze.gif)

21-05-06, 21:10
Lol :D

Maybe an actual example: http://www.wimp.com/ddr/

21-05-06, 22:04
LOL! That wedding video lmfao!

Capt. Murphy
21-05-06, 22:27
I have StepMania. Has anyone been to the SM messageboards?

BTW: My other screen-name is 'Turtle-Legs'. I'm the (genius) behind the Kraft Dance Pad modification using 'tin-foil U-strips' (http://forums.stepmaniaonline.com/viewtopic.php?t=4335). :jmp: :ton:

But I mostly play on the keyboard with the arrow keys.

The SN is sort of a joke since I'm not too good at teh dancing! :cln: Why, not only do I not have any rythme but my knees have (well, one of them) arthritis (it's from a disease I got in my adolescent yrs). My other knee has a joint replacement.

What I've been thinking of doing is getting a piece of, maybe, oak plywood, having it's angle set or adjustable -but as long as it's sturdy- and having my dance pad/mat on it (maybe clamped).

The reason: for those that can't stand and move for too long without wearing yourself out. I've played using the mat one day, perhaps it's because I haven't had enough experience 'dancing', but my left knee didn't agree with that. :( So I figured if could bear most of my wieght on my butt :rolleyes: then maybe doing the steps would be easier, not to mention quicker.

As for accuracy - that's a whole 'nother story.

Melonie Tomb Raider
21-05-06, 22:41
My cousins have it and I love to play. I'm not a pro though, I just play on light. I pretty much hit them all onl ight though, so I guess I should move up haha.

Anyway, they were all stinking HORRIBLY on beginer, so I decided to give it a shot on light and they were like :eek: lol!! My brothers are crazy good at it though! They will get side by side and look like they are a boy band or something. They'll jump sideways and do all kinds of crazy stunts!

21-05-06, 23:12
DDR and Cat have a bit of a crazy history togather Lol!

The guys and I see turned one simple test run at the game into a full blown contest. Man, it was a day of stomping upon stomping. It was the younger sibling who won out in the end.

*<Still can't get some of those beats out of his head.*