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21-05-06, 18:47
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Only the best man will be left standing!
Don't miss the Hitman: Blood Money (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/hitman4/index.html) single-player demo! Play as one of the world's greatest, genetically-engineered assassin Agent 47, and prepare for the perfect execution. Choose from six different locations such as the gambling world of Las Vegas or the mysteries of New Orleans and take on lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful. But when a rival agency of deadly assassins enters the scene, competition heats up and it is up to you to protect your anonymity and stay alive, because only the best man will be left standing!

Download the Hitman: Blood Money (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/hitman4/index.html) PC demo and start playing the first mission of the game titled "Death of a Showman". As the world’s deadliest assassin, Agent 47, you have been offered a high-paying contract to take out Joseph Clarence aka The Swing King. Your client has asked that his recently deceased son’s picture be the last thing The Swing King sees before you end his life.

Death of a Showman is the first level of the game and provides both newbies and long-time Hitman fans a refresher course in the mechanics of being the world’s deadliest contract killer while tracking your target through a dilapidated theme park turned drug lab. Get a sneak peak at the incredible new graphic engine, ultra-realistic AI, and try out a few of Agent 47’s new moves.

Hitman: Blood Money (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/hitman4/index.html) will be available in stores May 26, 2006.

Hitman: Blood Money Game Details

Earn payment for the successful assassination of targets, the more professional your approach, the higher the reward.

Play stealthily like a professional assassin or take out everyone in your path, but don't expect to escape the consequences if you leave a trail of evidence behind you. Your notoriety will affect your passage through the game.

Use the funds you accumulate to purchase custom built weapon parts, to increase precision and effectiveness and reflect your preferred playing style.

Living, breathing locations based upon real world environments and scenarios create a multitude of assassination possibilities, potential challenges and re-playable scenarios.

Use the environment to your advantage, climb, scale and vault through your surroundings, to hunt down and eliminate your targets.

New reactionary moves allow you to respond to the situations at hand- use hand to hand combat, distraction, hostages and many new assassination techniques to reach and take down your targets.

Fully dynamic camera, featuring 1st and 3rd person modes.

Source: Gamespot.com

Can't wait to try it out!


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