View Full Version : Which tomb raider games are in scotland?

22-05-06, 04:43
I heard one or more tomb raider games have levels based in scotland! Is this true? and what part are they in? http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/happy/050.gif

22-05-06, 04:45
I don't remember any TR game being set in Scotland, unless thats where that spooky place was in Chronicles :confused: hmmm...

22-05-06, 04:47
aww you sure? It so very tomb raiderish. so many ruins and castles and myths, they make a lot out of it!

22-05-06, 04:48
mmmm I know, I want to go there! I need to visit some old castles :D

Jacob x5
22-05-06, 05:42
You mean the third chronicle with Young Lara? That was set in Ireland.

I don't know if any Tomb Raider games/levels have ever been set in Scotland.

22-05-06, 06:18
Makes me want to do the highland fling. Hows that for a hint. Alright, The Lost Artifact

22-05-06, 06:28
It's the first levels of The Lost Artifact, as already mentioned...

Willard's Lair and Highland Fling...




I'm not sure if Shakespeare Cliff is in Scotland, but well...



22-05-06, 06:34
Lara Croft: Haggis Raider! Hoots Mon
What a level. Where the girl wears the pants and the men wear dresses. Alright then, kilts. Sorry Scots!

Nice pics BTW VonCroy360 :tmb:

22-05-06, 13:17
LOL Why are men with kilts and swords there? Has she gone back in time 600 years?

22-05-06, 14:40
Haggis :D I like it :tmb: Just don't eat too much of it...

22-05-06, 15:11
Haggis :D I like it :tmb: Just don't eat too much of it...

:yik: :eek: :yik:


22-05-06, 15:19
I wear a kilt all the time. I have to catch a haggis for tea sometimes. I just recently got a freezer, and I have a supply of them now, so i dont always have to go out and catch them, sometimes i can cook them on the spit roast, and settle down to a night of Tomb Raider instead, although it keeps me less fit.

Kiddin on :ton: