View Full Version : LOK Defiance ending needed! *Spoilers of course*

Tomb of Legends
22-05-06, 09:51
Since I didnt finish it (lol) I was wondering what the ending of the game was? Can anyone inform me of it?

Thanks in advance :)

23-05-06, 10:11
I don't know how far in the game you are... :)

***Spoilers follow***

After several travels in time, in the end Raziel fights Kain and then Kain fights Raziel. Kain manages to stab Raziel with the Soul Reaver and the sword consumes Raziel (this was Raziel's destiny from the start, which he was trying to avoid). Then Kain, armed with the enhanced power of the Soul Reaver, fights against and defeats the arch-boss of the whole story who turns out to be the Elder God himself.

The ending is amazing, and especially the scene where the sword consumes Raziel, is fantastic!

It's worth playing it through sometime :)