View Full Version : Back Again

22-05-06, 12:56
Hey guys and gals I would just like to say that I am back again and I am working on a little project for here. I didn't come here in awhile with school, work, and American Football practice but school is out now so I'M BACK!

22-05-06, 12:57
Wow :) Welcome back :hug:
What is this project you are taling about :p

Legend of Lara
22-05-06, 14:44
Welcome back! :D :D :D

Agnese Croft
22-05-06, 14:50
Welcome back..!!!:D

Jacob x5
22-05-06, 15:11
Welcome back, ViperCLKGTR. :wve:

22-05-06, 15:25
Since I am the weapons expert I was working on a huge weapons database for all the games.