View Full Version : who's using fps creator ?

22-05-06, 18:24
( see question ) and what are you making ?

Legend of Lara
22-05-06, 18:34
My PC sucks like the Death Star's tractor beam. It can't even handle the ancient GRIM FANDAGO!!!

22-05-06, 18:37
Looks quite limiting, I prefer writing the code myself even if it takes years for me to finish.

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-05-06, 18:49
fps creator? Never heard of it. Mind enlightening me?

I've heard of rpg makers though, but never an fps creator.

22-05-06, 18:51
just a simple program to make a first person shooter. it does all the coding,.... for you.you only have to select an item for the list ( like player start, checkpoint, weapons, enemy's, objects,.... ) and put it wherever you like. then you can put several levels next to each other, make a main menu, loading screens,.... then simple click on bluid game and tada ! you've got your own game. simple as that

Melonie Tomb Raider
22-05-06, 18:58
Wow that sounds great! Do you have to buy it or do they have a downloadable, free version? Please give me more info. :D

Legend of Lara
22-05-06, 19:07
You have to buy it. I am interested in the RPG maker though. I love those games. :D Hope it'savailable for PS2.