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23-05-06, 00:37
Well its been over two years since i wrote Tomb Raider:Queen of the damned and i think its time to start my next project.
Ive had a few ideas for some story's which i might write in time, but the latest one i am going to write is called Tomb Raider:The End, and will chronicle the last few days of Lara's life among us
The few ideas i have are good and will be used, but i need to figure out a main plot-this is where you guys come in!

What i have come up with so far is that Lara is now 237 years old, which will take us to the year 2243-she reached this age through an artifact she found that prolonged her life and stopped her ageing, but remember, she's immortal-not invincible-so she can still be killed.
What i need to figure out is WHAT prolonged her life (and id like to stay as far away from the Holy Grail as much as possible) Where she found it, why she will go back to raid her final set of tombs, and where they are (i will develop the main plot as i go-but suggestions will be welcomed)

New character's (allies and enemy's)will be much appreciated also but please remember, Winston, Zip and Allistair are dead.
Croft Manor will also be gone-reduced to rubble after WWIV (and to make things interesting Lara will have flashback's of both wars as she fought in both of them) and Lara now lives in an expensive apartment in New London as Laura Cruise/Cruz (havent decided which one yet)
And the 9mm's will still be her primary weapons of choice-although a PlasMag (developed through a joint venture by VCI and Natla Technology) will be her secondary weapon of destruction

C'mon people...but your brains in gear and let your imagination run wild-there is no such thing as a bad idea

23-05-06, 00:48
are you writing a book :confused:

23-05-06, 00:51
not a book-could never write one of them, but a story (my last one consisted of around 120 pages...A4-this one will be a bit longer) i do it for fun

Camera Obscura
23-05-06, 01:17
How about Lara discovers an ancient key in the deepest bowels of an Australian Kingdom.

She travels to Tibet in search of a door rumored to lead to a mystical land.

She moves deeper and deeper into the mountains and eventually uncovers The Frozen Palace.

That leads to the mantle of the earth where she explores the Temple of Light and eventually finds that "Legendary" door.

She uses the key and enters the door that leads her to the the Lake of Angels - an underground lake rumored to have been born from the tears of Angels and kept hidden from those who crave it's gift.

Lara drinks it and becomes immortal. But there is a catch, she must take some of these tears to every Temple Of Darkness on Earth in order to purify them all. If she doesn't do it in less than 240 years, the sacred water turns into blood unleashing Hell on Earth.

How's that for a story :tea: