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25-05-06, 02:47
Well folks, today was the last episode of American Idol. I'm not sure how many of you follow that show, but as many of you know that I like to sing (Not good though :tea:), I'm always with my TV tuned to channel 5 whenever possible to watch another American Idol episode - Lame, I know... but oh well. :ton:

Anyway, the two finalists were Katherine Mcphee and Taylor Hicks. They're both amazing in their own way.
Katherine has an extremely beautiful voice with one of the most luxurious face I've seen.
All that wasn't enough though. The results were in today, and although I personally preferred Katherine, Taylor won first place. :)

Taylor has the bright and soulful personality - and that added with a jazzy voice style, as well as embedded with the funniest dance styles, led him to be the true American Idol of Season 5. He really did deserve it. His vocals weren't the best - they were still good though - but personally truly highlighted his quest, and beyond all he proved he deserved his place.

Congrats Taylor! :D :tmb:

What are your thoughts? Did you like this season and agreed for Taylor's successfulness?

25-05-06, 02:53
He will fail...Mean but the truth

Lonely Istari
25-05-06, 03:04
^ Totally agree. I think he's going to dissapear just as Ruben did.

I didn't watch this season much at all, but I watched the finale tonight and was quite shocked that he won. I hope he proves me wrong because I would hate to see another Idol fade to dust.

25-05-06, 03:10
I think Kelly clarkson was EXTREMELY lucky, one she was hot, two she could sing

The rest needed to step down and just do something else.

Usually if ur great you get exposed through other means and on your own, not American Idol, cause thats what your going to be just an american idol, not a real singer...sorry.

25-05-06, 03:14
Yeah, he has the personality.. although his voice isn't the right style for today's Hit music... He could still make it, but I do have my doubts.

Btw, what did you think of Katherine? I thought she had an amazing voice... stage presence... and a beautiful look. :)

25-05-06, 03:20
To be honest i didn't really like any of them since they all sing stuff i dont like.
The moment i hear a woman singing Fiona Apple or Everything but the girl, I'll watch!
But so far i see the auditions to laugh myself and **** in my pants...after that its all downhill.

25-05-06, 03:23
Lol! Interesting :pi:
Except that those singers are going for things that majority of people will like these days. But all in all, that usually doesn't happen easily. Hehe:D

25-05-06, 03:36
Um...nothing they sing ever catches my eye...ears. Its a bunch of Oldy songs targeted toward way older people...
I want NEW age music, somehow Kelly clarkson pulled that one off and even she doesnt apeal to me all that much besides her out of nowhere hotness

25-05-06, 10:48
SOUL PATROL!! :yah: lol. I'm glad Taylor won. Katharine was getting bigheaded. :ohn:

25-05-06, 11:18
Thanks for the spoiler.:tmb:

I dont get to see the show until Friday!.:confused:

Have NEVER watched this show before this last series (and will probably NOT do so again), but i couldnt help but be taken in by Taylor Hick's talent, fresh sound and moves plus his GREY hair!.:D

Katherine was STUNNING:jmp: and i would marry her in an instant!, but Taylor was the STAR of the show from day 1.

Congrats Taylor:yah: I may even go so far as to purchase your first Album!!!.:p

25-05-06, 12:36
I guess it's true one mans trash...mine...is another mans treasure...

25-05-06, 12:46
I think he's a good singer/performer, he does have some potential. However, I think in today's society, he won't do as well as Katherine would've if she had won.

25-05-06, 12:52
he'll do...ok, with people over 35...
anyone under who likes em...um yeah, it's ur stylei guess :p

25-05-06, 12:56
Well he got the most votes;) , so that obviously tells you something!.:p

25-05-06, 12:58
that alot of old people were voting and the game is Rigged.

I didnt like any of them but when the rocker guy went home i really questioned the authenticity of the votes...

25-05-06, 13:01
that alot of old people were voting and the game is Rigged.

I didnt like any of them but when the rocker guy went home i really questioned the authenticity of the votes...

Conspiracy theorist!.:p

Love your avatar btw!.;)

25-05-06, 13:03
thank you on both accounts, Avatar, and my Rebel like title :D