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25-05-06, 15:04
Taken from IMDB.com

Barton Forced To Leave 'The OC'?
The OC creator Josh Schwartz has hit back at claims star Mischa Barton was forced off the teen drama. Barton's character, Marissa Cooper, was killed in the show's season finale last week. Schwartz claims killing off the character was a creative decision and had nothing to do with the actress, saying, "She was a complete professional." However, a source tells American publication, Us Weekly, "This was not a mutual decision." The 20-year-old star had hinted she wanted to focus on her film career, but co-star Peter Gallagher disagrees. Gallagher says, "You can't say (whether) that's true or not, but I think she was pretty happy on the show." Sources close to the program claim Barton's character was killed to raise the profile of the series, which has recently struggled in the ratings. The sources adds, "Everybody's talking about The OC again, and that's exactly what they want."

I was wondering how she dies?

25-05-06, 16:53
No one knows? :confused:

Night Crawler
25-05-06, 17:56
No one knows? :confused: No-one cares. ;)

Try searching google, it's got the answer to everything. :p

25-05-06, 19:42
No-one cares. ;)

Try searching google, it's got the answer to everything. :p

Well I care, although I don't watch the series anymore. I used to so that's why I'm curious! ;)

25-05-06, 19:50
Found it, she dies in a car crash.
Don't know why I didn't think of Googling it before!