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25-05-06, 19:23
Do you guys think we will be commented by CD or Toby Gard to those who came up with the TR8 Box Arts or Artworks or those TR8 Storylines we make for the next Game, i mean what is the point of doing all that when the Game comes out and none of the Art or Boxart or part of our Storyline Ideas is in the Game.

I mean, was there a reason you guys made Official Fan Box Arts, do you think their being shown to CD/Eidos/Toby Gard/Jaywalker

The Lord of the Rings Special Edition Movies had a Special Credit List for Fans for the Hard work they did and i mean it was like a List with Names.

I think Toby Gard said or someone else said that they are running out of Ideas for Storylines to make another TR Game, i geuss its time to listen to the Fans and let TR continue for another 10 Years.

25-05-06, 19:25
The box art we've seen on this forum that were created by members were all very awesome, no doubt about it. However, I think they'll hire someone professional to make one if need be. I don't think any of the members here will be credited.

But you never know.

Paul H
25-05-06, 19:35
I think a good story would be if, instead of travelling around the world as it is, Lara was to have access to a time machine. The mission would be to solve a mystery that could only be unravelled by travelling back in time to various parts of the world to observe certain events as they happened, and collect items that would otherwise be unavailable in the present day.

25-05-06, 19:38
Well, I did a tr8 storyline, and right now I'm doing another now... I do it for fun, I don't expect to be credited...
It's probably the same with the boxart designers... :)

25-05-06, 23:05
Where, post the link please.

26-05-06, 07:57
Where, post the link please.

My story?
It was in a thread about a continuation of legend or something...
Guess it's not here anymore...

Maybe I'll be able to locate it in my computer...

26-05-06, 08:06
I hope toby guard is not involved!

26-05-06, 08:28
Dont be rude, i like Toby Gard's Idea for Legend, its the Coolest Game ever.