View Full Version : Program to remove vocals?

Soma Holiday
25-05-06, 23:24
I'm looking for a program that will specifically take the vocals out of songs...I wasn't sure if something like that exsisted or not...I'm trying to record my voice on specific songs for an audition, and I can sing but I'm not talented with instruments, so I was just wonderings...


25-05-06, 23:25
I've never tried anything like that, but you could try searching Google. :)

25-05-06, 23:26
ohhh i want one to!
These programs are great for making remixes and stuff...

Soma Holiday
25-05-06, 23:29
They have one at school called Avance Sound Effect Manager v4.0, but my pc is working very slow so I can't search for it effectively...it may be a must-buy thing though...

25-05-06, 23:59
I would LOVE to have software that does this! I really hope you find some!

Melonie Tomb Raider
26-05-06, 00:49
Too bad we don't live close to each other. I can play guitar and bass. We could start up a band . :p haha!

Oh, and sorry I haven't kept in contact with you as I should have! I've been through the process of moving and loads of things with transfering colleges and stuff. Been pretty busy to be quite honest. I'm taking the summer off and only working part time, so i'll have more time to write back more! :D

26-05-06, 00:51
oooh i want the program :)

26-05-06, 00:55

found thi one (have not tried)

*continues searching :D*


26-05-06, 01:02
That would be cool ;)
I'll try this program.