View Full Version : 25mm/1" button badges - question!

26-05-06, 20:40
I'm thinking of designing a couple of batches of those funky little glossy 1" button badges you see people wearing pinned to their rucksacks and stuff.


(Not my design, just an example of what I'm on about to make sure we're on the same page. ;) )

However, with the company I've found I can only make 2 designs split between 100 badges! Which sucks a bit because I wanted to do like 10 different designs and have 10 of each design printed. So I'll have to design carefully if I want my 25 quid back plus profit.

So if you were in a shop and you saw a box of little button badges on sale, and you went to have a look through it, what kind of badges would you be looking for? Slogans, logos, funny pics, arty badges, etc.?

26-05-06, 20:46
Hmmmm i would probaly go for sayings and famous quotes myself.

26-05-06, 20:48
Like plain-font text on a single colour background? Those are pretty cool, yeh, pity I can't do a range of different quotes.

26-05-06, 20:50
Ones of Lara, Xena or Gabrielle? :D

If I saw badges I'd want with an extremely funny/cute/cool picture or a famous/funny quote :)

26-05-06, 20:51
Heh. I guess people want to have something on it that they like to be known for.
Apparently, loads of people nowadays want to be known for hating the government or something like it.
How about trying to address a completely different group of people? Maybe put on some good painter's signature for artlovers, interesting ancient statue for the historians, piece of programming code or decimals of Pi for geeks :p, a rare flower or cute animal for nature lovers...

26-05-06, 20:52
Omg, I have tons of those! I put them everywhere, on my jean jacket, and on messenger bags and stuff. I love the British flag one you posted! :tmb:

26-05-06, 20:58
how about flower power/austin power tyep badges. just have like a 60's desings


like those, but obviously not exacly the same.

26-05-06, 21:06
Well, IMO, the colorful ones like jarhead posted are very eye-catching. Those are usually the ones I look for when I am looking for pins.

26-05-06, 21:44
Yeah I'm thinking of doing at least 1 nice bright retro style one. They're always a favourite. :tmb: Would have to make it stand out from the millions in the shops tho.

I'm also thinking of doing a little "kawaii" one. Everyone likes cute Japanese anime characters, so I could do a pair of cute face badges that would go together, like an angel with a red pointy tail alongside a devil with a halo or something like that. Or maybe just a little simple brightly coloured anime cat face. I'm doodling some ideas now. ^_^

26-05-06, 21:47
Great ideas, Geck! :tmb:

Wanna scan and post the doodles? :D