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26-05-06, 21:12
Thanks to I found this amazing art and i just had to share more of his art with you...

Linky to art Gallery... (http://azuzephre.deviantart.com/gallery/)


It's my new avatar :D Cute, isn't it? :p The artist is a guy called Jeff Thomas!

26-05-06, 21:20

That's one of the cutest things I've ever seen! :D

26-05-06, 21:23
:D Cute

Laras Backpack
26-05-06, 21:24
Mawwwwww! :hug:

26-05-06, 21:30
ahhhhhhhh, thts freaky..!!! their white eyes! and the yellow one looks upset cos it got stuck with the tighty whities and not the loose boxers! lol

26-05-06, 21:37
Its great :jmp: Soo adorable!

26-05-06, 21:41
One of the characters is called Pon (the little yellow guy - I think the other is called Zi), and the artist is a guy called Jeff Thomas, aka azuzephre.

According to his deviantart page...

I no longer mind if people use my Pon Art in blog sites like Myspace and Xanga, as long as the images being used include my name in the image. I have official copyright ownership over the entire collection, so note that it is ILLEGAL to remove any watermarks or identification of ownership from the images. If you have any of the older cartoons posted in your page, I urge you to find versions of the images that still include my name within the image and use those instead. If youre one of the many people who have helped me take care of unauthorized use of my art in the past, I'd appreciate it if you continued to help, but rather than asking people to remove the art entirely, it'd be cool if you either showed them this journal or asked them to replace the images with legal version.

Just so you don't get into trouble for using it. ;)

26-05-06, 21:43
Thank you so much, i was wondering who had made 'em cus' i just found em' on google withouth an artists name :hug: Could you give me a link to his deviantart page?

26-05-06, 21:50
:hug: Yup!


He's only got one Pon pic up at the moment (he took the others down... :( . Seems like someone stole the images and tried to pass them off as theirs. Art thieves are the lowest...), but his other stuff is just gorgeous!

26-05-06, 21:51
cute :D

26-05-06, 21:53
His Emo pictures are soo cool, god i love this guy! ... and his art :rolleyes:

26-05-06, 21:57

26-05-06, 21:58
It's great:)

26-05-06, 21:59
Update on the artist on the front page!