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27-05-06, 12:00
The PSP uses UMD discs for its games and movies.

I was wondering is it worth buying the UMD discs for movies even though DVD's are the same price and sometimes even cheaper. :)

27-05-06, 12:06
Bad news, I'm afraid. According to sales, UMD movies are fast becoming financially 'non-viable' - i.e. they ain't selling enough, precisely for the reasons you mentioned. I have a PSP, and have only ever brought one UMD movie, compared to about five games. It's nice to have the option of watching movies, but in terms of value for money it's probably best to stick with the UMD games and buy your movies on DVD. Plus, you can watch them on a big telly then :D

27-05-06, 12:19
UMD Videos are fizzling away, I think most/all of the big studios have abandoned the format already.

Personally I don't care, because I only have 1 UMD movie, and thats Spiderman 2 which I got for free with my PSP :D I've never watched it though, as I have the DVD.

I just buy DVD's and if there is ever one I want to watch on my PSP, I would just rip the movie to the pmp format and put it on my memory stick, it can then be played on the PSP with that homebrew PMP video player. That way you don't have to buy the DVD and the UMD, and the resolution of a PMP is the same as a UMD. To date I've never watched a movie on my PSP though, only a few TV shows, its much more entertaining to watch them on a big screen.

27-05-06, 12:32
I read in a magazine recently that a possible way to bring the UMD's popularity back up is to do a box set with the DVD and the UMD. I suppose this could help bring its popularity up :)

Edit: Also what is the quality like on a UMD? Is it like the DVD version but simply a smaller screen? :confused:

27-05-06, 12:48
Its a lower resolution that DVD, 480x272 or something like that.
But because of the smaller screen, the quality looks amazing.

27-05-06, 14:29
It's cool to watch a movie when travelling by train, it's really amazing what this little machine is capable of.
UMD video releases will continue, but they slowed down a bit because Sony also want people to buy games on the machine.

Lara Lover
27-05-06, 14:35
I think you should buy the DVD's. That means you can watch them on a big screen. Maybe buy a 1GB memory stick and maybe rip the movie onto it then watch it.