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in these arms
27-05-06, 19:28
Hey all. Ermm......... im in kazakhstan, and fighting the beast from amanda. But i dont seem to have chance with the orbs and how many seconds they come back to there orignal position.

I seem to get hit off by the beast, and i tend to shoot him at the wall, but poof out of nowere he hits me on the floor.

Any suggestions?

27-05-06, 19:32
Read my "something interesting I found" thread.

27-05-06, 19:33
Be quicker, give Amanda's pet a blast with the teslar gun before starting, give each orb a blast to get it up and quickly move to the next

27-05-06, 19:37
Great mistake,the name is "something I found" and is on the 4rt page NOW.

27-05-06, 20:47
Be very quick and determined.
Blast monster towards 1 of the electrical machines at wall till it bleeds and freezes, lost almost all its health.
Quickly blast each orb.
Quickly move out of seat, then grapple and grab the swordpiece. :)

Tomb Raider Master
27-05-06, 21:07
You can also get the piece without harming the monster. When you pull the switches, get onto the gun and blast the orbs (the monster will probably knock you down). If you were quick and blasted all the orbs, stand on the edge of the circle on the floor, turn towards piece and grapple it. Or, if you didn't blast all the orbs, quickly get on the gun again, finish the business (you should still have enough time), get off and take the piece by following the procedure already described. :)

Good luck! :tmb:

27-05-06, 21:19
I forgot to tell about the switches, but of course that is first thing before you start blasting with the tesla! :tmb:

27-05-06, 21:20
When the boss fight begins, start rolling around the room pulling the levers. The monster can't hit you while you are rolling or pulling the switches. Then roll over to the gun. Get in, and blast the orbs(don't pull them as to get them in momentum as I did in my first try, doesn't work good, trust me). If you do it in the ordinary pase, then you will get 3 orbs blasted up until the monster kicks you out of the gun(you can get all 4 if you're fast). Doesn't matter, get in again and blast the orb, and you still have time to grapple the artefact over the gun.

Tomb Raider Master
27-05-06, 21:21
Joseph :ton: :D

27-05-06, 21:25
You always hope i forget to tell 1 element, don't you, and then you jump in! :D But in fact its the other way around: i leave 1 element out on purpose to give you the chance! :D

Tomb Raider Master
27-05-06, 21:28
LOL! :D :hug: