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29-05-06, 18:23
DgVoodoo 1.50 released (http://dege.freeweb.hu/). :tmb:

29-05-06, 18:58
This is just a beta, so be careful while testing it ;)
For me the gameplay in Tomb Raider is the same as in 1.40+. I told Dege to add option for adjusting timer boost and alpha reference in next version (now they are hidden) and he agreed :) These options would be useful for playing Tomb Raider 1.

Dege is available now at Vogons forums. Here is a link to discussion about dgvoodoo:
(you can post as a guest there).

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30-05-06, 02:47
So Zebius, how is everything else while playing TR1? Is it stable? Any glitches in graphics, sound? How about savegames?

I'll test it as soon as I have some free time. Just want to know ahead of time what to expect from someone that already is testing it.


30-05-06, 05:55
It looks stable for me, but I played just for 20 minutes. No crashes, no savegames' problem, but I never had problems with it. I think that savegame corrupting occurs mainly on dual-core or hyper-thread processors. I have Athlon64 and Tomb Raider 1 is very stable.

Dege introduced new DirectX9 rendering mode in this version od dgvoodoo, but graphics is the same as before with one visual glitch - blinking icons and other elements of desktop taskbar are visible in gameplay. I hope he will find a way to fix. So far it is better to use old DirectX7 renderer for TR.

30-05-06, 08:07
I will test it today and let you all know how it was for me. :)

31-05-06, 08:31
dgVoodoo v1.50 Beta Testing

After re-installing dgVoodoo to v1.50 i re-created my batch files for TOMB and TOMBUB with DGVESA. I tried the DirectDraw7 & Direct3D 7 Renderer API, all seemed fine with my previous settings for dgVoodoo 1.40+ inlcuding Vesa emulation, after trying the Direct3D9 renderer API the game crashed to the desktop before FMV. As I use on-board graphics Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV graphics Controller with the Intel Extreme Graphics driver installed (64mb) (of course the Direct3D9 renderer uses pixel shaders which are not supported by my chip).

Other than that dgVoodoo seems fine, savegames are not corrupted in-game, although timer boosting still doesn't resolve the synchronisation between CD-Audio cutscenes and Lara. But still the idleprio=72 still works with timer boosting disabled (in the .vlp file).

Hopefully as Zebius mentioned the final release will have an Advanced users tab in which users can adjust (currently hidden) certain options like Timer Boosting and alpha reference value in GUI than in command line.

02-06-06, 22:56
Does this utility supposed to allow seemless connections between DOS games like Tomb Raider 1 and Windows XP Pro/Home? Or is it just another OPEN GL Renderer? How will this benefit me and my games like Tomb Raider 1...won't the patches be enough to fix game play?

Just wondering...:confused:

06-06-06, 08:50

dgVoodoo is an app for DOS games to run under WinXP - Pro, Home etc...

It uses Direct3D as an accelerator rather than OpenGL (which isn't supported on every system). Like Glidos (www.glidos.net (http://www.glidos.net)) it is another Glide wrapper to smoothen textures and enhance quality of old PC DOS games. dgVoodoo is perfect for Tomb Raider, it also works for many other games and is very compatible on XP.

This thread at the moment is beta testing the dgVoodoo release version 1.50. ;)

08-06-06, 12:36
How is it for you Joseph? :confused:

26-06-06, 04:46
For me it's a big pain in... back. The controls become buggy, e.g. pressing forward 1 time & Lara runs more then 1 sector, etc. Using the same settings as in 1.40+.
So retreated to DgVoodoo 1.40+ ;)