View Full Version : Ps3 Or Xbox360?

01-06-06, 00:56
I was wondering what will you all get and what do you think will be the better platform for Tomb Raider and Lara?

I personally like the PS3 if it comes out smooth as butter with little problems and huge list of games including in the future TR I will defiently get! If it has problems though and seems as the next DreamCast then I will probably wait till later or get a nintendo or xbox!

Don't really want to be a trader and get an Xbox, because I dislike Bill Gates priorities, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

01-06-06, 01:06
I pick both. I have a 360 and will be getting a PS3.

The smart person looks past the hype and realises there is very little difference between the two. This next gen console war will be decided by quality of software and NOT hardware power.

However, Sony have done quite a few things wrong so far though, and their E3 showing was very poor. Their arrogance has really cost them dearly IMO.

01-06-06, 02:09
Definitly PS3 for me, I'm a big PlayStation fan for 10 years now, so why switch?
And I don't like MS, so I won't buy any mickysoft products:cln:

01-06-06, 02:41
ps3 for me. just like how the ps2 was the cheapest dvd player on the market when it debuted, the ps3 will be the cheapest blueray. that's enough for me.

though i am beginning to find the wii quite intriguing...

01-06-06, 02:49
I would agree with you undertaker personally I would get all three next gen consoles but my pocket isn't that deep. I believe yes the next gen war will depend on software and that it has always been that. That is why I am getting PS3, they have always had a strong line up of games maybe not launch titles, but it looks like it will have a strong showing. If I do go get two hopefully the Wii just an awesome back to retro machine, that I could really enjoy and at a suitable price!

Mad Tony
01-06-06, 09:25
PS3 anyday, as its faster and more powerfull

01-06-06, 09:34
PS3 for me :D

01-06-06, 10:51
Whichever is cheapest when I decide to buy one lol.

01-06-06, 10:56
PS fan, PS3 for me :tmb:

01-06-06, 10:58
I'll be buying PS3, because...

-The games are on Blu-ray which means bigger games cause of the larger capacity
-It will also be a blue-ray player
-It has better backwards compatibility (I don't have PS1 nor PS2)
-It's said that the games will be more detailed
-Looks better
-I already found four games for PS3 which I like


TR freak
01-06-06, 10:59
PS3 for me as well. I'm getting my PS3 around about the time of GTA4's release. Thats sometime late 2007.

Legend of Lara
01-06-06, 12:18
Bill Gates is evil. PS3 will work for me.

01-06-06, 12:51
hmm both? both.

01-06-06, 12:54
PS3 because it has all the games I want, and I can't justify spending money on two consoles to get a 360 as well. Dishing out like AUD$1000 for the PS3 is going to be hard enough.