View Full Version : Will GeForce 6200 256MB 8xAGP DVI/TVO Graphics Card run Legend in Next Gen?

tlr online
10-06-06, 16:43

10-06-06, 17:21
Theoretically must do (as supports shader model 3.0)... but actually more memory required (at least 512Mb) :) :wve:

-- Edit --
It may run, but what FPS with :D or you'll experience mmm... weird graphics ;)

tlr online
10-06-06, 17:23
Thanks EscondeR :)

10-06-06, 18:44
run? Yes. how fast? probably with an average of 5fps.

10-06-06, 19:01
The card is too basic. Graphic chip pretty slow, memory is slow DDR2 instead of DDR3.

It is not only the card, but the complete PC/ CPU / amount and type of system Ram that determines how well the game will run.
For AGP, recommended: 256MB Club3D GeForce 7800GS 256MB GDDR3 AGP (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=317794) € 254,01

There is even a 512 MB Gainward GeForce 7800GS 512MB GDDR3, AGP8X (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=319889&view=detailed) € 420,00 . BUT you must have a high end AGP-PC to justify spending a €420 card on it, plus your Power Supply Unit must be a good 450 Watt.

tlr online
10-06-06, 20:25
The card is too basic. Graphic chip pretty slow, memory is slow DDR2 instead of DDR3

But it's better than a GeForce 4200 Ti right? Coz that's what I upgraded from...

10-06-06, 20:59
It is only a tiny bit faster, but it has shader model 3.0 support. That's all good to say about it.
Basically, it is only newer, but not really an upgrade. So you already bought it? :(

10-06-06, 20:59
Perhaps +/- 5 - 10 FPS at most. It's basicly unusable with next-gen content and also you wont notice any difference playing TRL without next-gen content by the side of GF4200 Ti.

It's like GF6600GT is a total minimum for any ShaderModel3 game *sigh*

Nevertheless, you still can try to turn off some NG features and possibly get an acceptable frame-rate <.<

11-06-06, 00:28
possibly overclock it?

11-06-06, 00:41
Useless. It has no OC potential.

Blade Runner
11-06-06, 00:41
But it's better than a GeForce 4200 Ti right? Coz that's what I upgraded from...
See here (http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=192&card2=138) for a true comparison. As you can see, it's only slightly better.

So really, your new card only has 1.7 GB/sec more memory bandwidth than your older card.

I hope you didn't pay too much for it. Maybe you can return it for a better one? :confused:

I actually bought the 512MB version (http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?quicklinx=42F9) of that card and only got 7 to 9 fps in next gen mode. Which is really unacceptable. So I returned it and bought a different card instead.

tlr online
11-06-06, 02:51
I paid £50, which is about 85 euro's. Bad deal?

11-06-06, 02:59
Hmm yeah. Gainward GeForce 6200 256MB DDRII, AGP8X (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=315017&view=detailed)€ 61,00

XFX GeForce 6200A 256MB DDRII, AGP8X (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=315783&view=detailed), € 58,00


But it is not only that you payed too much, it is a useless non-upgrade basically. Even if you'd have payed only €10,-

Blade Runner
11-06-06, 22:36
I paid £50, which is about 85 euro's. Bad deal?
I think it is. For an extra £8 you could've bought the 512MB version of the same card. If you can return it, you should.

The problem is, there is no fast AGP card with SM3 that will play TRL (in next gen) at a decent fps and at an economical price. Economical, in my opinion is about £130.00.

I bought this (http://www.rlsupplies.co.uk/products/product.asp?id=198997) card thinking it had SM3. It didn't. I kept it because it was quite fast and I enabled the next gen hack to play in next gen. Cost me £116. I note they've lowered the price... £8 cheaper. Moot point really because they're out of stock.

My search for a fast SM3 AGP card is over. But who knows, maybe you can find a good one (with at least 30GB/sec memory bandwidth) for an economical price?

11-06-06, 22:53
Why not to try to bid THIS (http://cgi.ebay.com/Nvidia-Geforce-6800-Ultra-256-AGP-CARD-Dual-DVI-S-Vid_W0QQitemZ8825244020QQcategoryZ67864QQssPageNam eZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem) beauty? (CB: GBR 53.00)... usually it doesn't go higher than $ 200 (about GBR 105.00) which is a nice price for GF6800Ultra.

11-06-06, 23:28
Now that's a good card originally. If you can get it new for an 'outdated' price, you can party. This is used. User says: "I have been using it in my computer ? and its in the auction !" Hmm.. oh how informative. :pi:

53 pounds (what it is at the moment) would be a very good price. 75-85 max maybe, since it is used.
And 6 days to go. :)

Blade Runner
11-06-06, 23:55
It's used so I wouldn't bother. God knows how this person has treated it?

12-06-06, 15:27
That was just one example, if to search more you can find really good (brand new!) deals.. as for GF7600 :)

12-06-06, 21:34
The 7600 GT 256MB DDR3 is cheap (€190,-). Btw it is really the bottomline card to buy for entry-midrange. I played in a shop on a demo-pc (Athlon 3200+, 1 GB Ram) with 2x 7600GT in SLI, Need For Speed Most Wanted. 1024x768, all settings max. Looked good, but game ran stuttering.
I predict, as a single card, it will not run NFSMW at the max settings, and stutter the same at that resolution.

13-06-06, 02:35
i will download the demo and try it out:)

yea the 7600GT is really great and runs fine in legend and in next gen with every setting on at 1240(i think its 1240)x1024.


13-06-06, 02:42
EDiT: DONT WORRY I SAW YOUR POST AGAIN:)Ok then! :tmb: I was just about going to reply.;) :D

13-06-06, 02:57

im at work experience,i love it,free internet and free cofee!!!
fixed my computer here and got free parts:)

2.5 hours time i be at home trying nfs:)

13-06-06, 10:05
yea i tried the game and it was very fast on full grafix at 1280x1024