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14-06-06, 11:48
Hi guys

UK site Pocket Gamer has posted a fairly positive review of the PSP version here:

"Thankfully, Legend marks something of a return to form. Now under the creative control of Crystal Dynamics, the focus is back on tomb raiding across the world's vine-covered temples, with most of your time spent scaling ruins, avoiding ancient bone crushing and spine severing traps, and solving admittedly-obvious-though-nevertheless-satisfying archaeological brainteasers, as you strive to get Lara's mysteriously callous-free hands on whatever the little minx has set her gorgeous brown eyes on."


14-06-06, 11:56
And that's probably how you'll remember the first PSP Tomb Raider – its engaging plot, unusual pace, atmosphere, inventive touches, various play modes and the fresh mix of concepts ultimately prove highly seductive.

Interesting, they do plan on doing more PSP Tr's then :)

14-06-06, 12:47
Thanks Mikey99.

14-06-06, 12:50
Thanks for link :wve:

14-06-06, 13:39
Interesting, they do plan on doing more PSP Tr's then :)
Yeah, there mobile projects are huge!
More money!

14-06-06, 14:05
Nice linky:) Thanks!

14-06-06, 15:33
Thanks for the info. The PSP does not come out here until the 21st. The review reinforces my decision to buy it.

Lara's Boy
14-06-06, 15:37
Thanks for the link!