View Full Version : Recommend Resident Evil 4 to me!!!!!!!

14-06-06, 19:11
What's so brilliant about it???? I loved the other games (evil zombie, grrrrr, so spooky) and I'm interested in getting it for Xmas.

14-06-06, 19:13
great story, great graphics, great puzzles, great gameplay, addictive, great, fantastic a definate rating of 10/10 for me lol :p

14-06-06, 19:14
Its the best resident evil so far :)

I definately reccomend you get it :tmb:

14-06-06, 19:15
Is it the best of the series as some people say?

EDIT: Never mond, Titanium said so.

Legend of Lara
14-06-06, 19:18
It got 10/10 from Official PS2 Magazine.

14-06-06, 19:18
Whoa!!! God, I have to get this game!!!!

14-06-06, 19:19
It's cheap now too.

14-06-06, 19:20
3 words that now make me shiver:

Morir es Vivir..

The Los Illuminados are Freaky cultists.. Plus Lord Saddler looks like Darth Sidious :jmp: and he has a cool staff.

Oh, and for what happens if you let the bag-headed chainsawists get you. :eek: *Cries*

Get it, it's bloody great fun :D

P.S - Save the Wolf!

14-06-06, 19:21
I'm scared.

*chair creaks*






14-06-06, 19:46
It's the best resident evil, but the least scariest. Has a great storyline, and its a really lengthy game. Plus lots and lots of extra's.... its just a brilliant game. Was my first good horror game. You won't regret it sunshine :D

14-06-06, 19:57
That's a good point, which do you guys reckon is the BEST Resi?

For me, I'm honestly torn between 1/2/3. 4 is excellent, but it just didn't cut it on some aspect of Resiness for me.

Re1: the original, classic story, cool places, and Ba-rryyyyy :D
Re2: Claire and Leon, the cop station, Dr.W, the history of the G-Virus, the proto-tyrant
Re3: Great, loved it to bits - plus it had the mercenary game which I loved doing!

14-06-06, 19:59
4 is very different from 1/2/3 isnt it.
my fave resident evil of all time is definately resident evil code veronica X

14-06-06, 20:00
my fave resident evil of all time is definately resident evil code veronica X

That one is brilliant, played the original dreamcast version :D

14-06-06, 20:03
Go buy it now! It's brilliant, a perfect game for PS2!

Code Veronica X is also very good.

14-06-06, 20:05
brilliant game. it has ADA in it. and it has a pretty good side game which also includes ada. :tea: . and its the best aiming in a rezzie game so far, and a great stpory

14-06-06, 20:48
Yup, Resident Evil 4 is a great game. In fact, I was playing it ten minutes ago. :)
I just reached chapter 4 with Ada. She kicks ass!