View Full Version : What Part Of TRF Do You Post In Most?

Mad Tony
14-06-06, 21:21
exactly what it says in the title

I post most (he he that ryhmes) in the Off-Topic area of TRF, so many interesting topics, so little time.

I have never even posted in the AoD area and Tomb raider level editor!

14-06-06, 21:24
General and tomb raider 3. CONGRATS ON 1000 POSTS TONY!!!!! :jmp:

Mad Tony
14-06-06, 21:26
General and tomb raider 3. CONGRATS ON 1000 POSTS TONY!!!!! :jmp:

thanks tr mitch :tmb:

I forgot to mention that i've never posted in the lost artifact section either, where can you buy the lost artifact? i've never seen it in my life.

14-06-06, 21:26
general and TR1. trailing in third is new member/congratulations followed by fan art. i avoid the legend section if at all possible.

14-06-06, 21:27
Classic TR games and general chat.

Yeah, let's congratulate Mad Tony!!!

14-06-06, 21:31
Lost Artifact is just like its own little expansion game.... its not like its own game.... tomb raider 3 with more levels!

14-06-06, 21:46
general and fan art section.

Lara Croft!
14-06-06, 21:58
-TRII,III,AOD from TR threads
-On the Welcome/congratz thread
-and in Interesting threads in general chat

tlr online
14-06-06, 22:04
What Part Of TRF Do You Post In Most?

The uber-top-secret-area-51-section-that-only-admins-can-see part :whi:

14-06-06, 22:10
That must get lonely tlr! You being the only admin and all ;)

I think I post mostly in legend forum, now there's spec of a TR1 remake :D

14-06-06, 22:11
The uber-top-secret-area-51-section-that-only-admins-can-see part :whi:

Didn't you know we can see that too? Your last post was about the Core guys being on the forum.... :whi:

Legend and maybe General Chat.

14-06-06, 22:13
in the WWE thread :p

14-06-06, 22:17
hmm... not even sure just the general chat section in general

Mona Sax
15-06-06, 09:46
Gen Chat, followed by TRL.

15-06-06, 09:52
General chat. And then Legend and TR1.

15-06-06, 09:54
General Chat! :D :tmb: That area rocks!

15-06-06, 10:00
Whenever I'm here I post in TRL and General...But sometimes I can get bored and not feel like posting for weeks. :|

15-06-06, 11:25
The uber-top-secret-area-51-section-that-only-admins-can-see part :whi:

So it would just be you and Elen in a lonely board chatting? :p

I mostly post in General Chat and TRL :)

Soma Holiday
15-06-06, 12:40
I used to post in AOD section like crazy, but its quiet now, so I post here for the most part since it's the only place that's active most of the time...

15-06-06, 12:43
GenChat and FanArt

15-06-06, 12:47
tomb raider level editor, general chat

Capt. Murphy
15-06-06, 13:40
Why only the Spammiest place on Earth! :wve:

Legend of Lara
15-06-06, 14:58
General Chat of course. Followed by Fan Art and Legend.