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Jake Croft
15-06-06, 15:09
Our school banned msn so we found a code that unblocks mebo so we can use msn and we were being monitered by the deputy head and we didnt do no work the whole class and everyone who was on it which is half the school is going to be dealt with serverely they said lmao but could they possibly deal with most of the school?

15-06-06, 15:10
but could they possibly deal with most of the school?

Yes they probably could :p

Jake Croft
15-06-06, 15:11
Oh -beep-
Lmao im so foolish :)
Oh dear.

15-06-06, 15:11
well i doubt there gonna get half the school to stay back in detention. we do stuff like this but a larger scale, they filter everything, and i mean everything so we find other words meaning the original. anyway i cant really see how much damage has been done- if anything its the school faught for not protecting the code for long enough

Legend of Lara
15-06-06, 15:12
So basically you found a code to use MSN and prevented the deputy head to monitor you??? :confused:

EDIT TIME YAY: Never mind I got it now. :D

15-06-06, 15:13
i would of done the same thing :p but your naughty!!! :p hehe.... :whi: soo....just outta interest...what was that code :whi:

Jake Croft
15-06-06, 15:13
I wouldnt mind though i was doing my work at the same time and its only msn not like we were on rude websites...
The schools banned the code loads of times but we change it slightly and it still works

Jake Croft
15-06-06, 15:14
The code wasnt a virus just a redirect to mebo.com and it was

15-06-06, 15:25
Just say your sorry and put on a little act. If he touches you in anyway, I mean grabs your arm or pulls at your collar or even touches you in any way possible, report him to the authorities for child molestation. Then pretend that you have been emotionally scarred as a result of his actions. Say that he did things to you and act all innocent.

Either that or you're going to get a good whip from your father and mother once they hear of this. Yikes!

Jake Croft
15-06-06, 17:24
My mum and dad dont care
they think if the school do anything its pathetic cause i was only on msn
They dont really care what i do at school they give up after the first 2 years
And pretending the teacher touched me thats just gross.

15-06-06, 17:29
Ahhh dont worry about it, at our school they get super genius computer experts in to block gaming websites and msn, but the students always find a way around it, we're just too dam clever!

Jake Croft
15-06-06, 17:32
Sometimes i think they should be employing us...