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15-06-06, 19:28
how much have you had or should have with all thoses things if you do wrong you get bad luck.

I think I should have around 30 years with the amount of mirrors I have smashed and the rest of the things I have done wrong.

15-06-06, 19:41
Supperstitions? I don't buy them. Things like walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella indoors aren't unlucky, they're just dumb.

I think a lot of the belief in them is psychosomatic- you break a mirror and then subconsciously sabbotage your day to further justify your belief in them.

I don't read horoscopes for the same reason (not to mention the fact that I've seen completely contradictory ones in two different papers, and I know a guy in the industry who says that they have bins of them which they pull out at random).

15-06-06, 19:42
hmm. I think 67 year

Jacob x5
15-06-06, 20:50
If it is true, then when do these years of bad luck start?

15-06-06, 21:06
man- if i had good luck i think i would faint. i always have bad luck, stupid things like it wont be my day as everything will go against me. so thats why i do everything within my power to get more bad luck in an attemp to balance it out

Mad Tony
16-06-06, 06:43
A load of superstitions I think.

but in answer to your question, I would probly have about 100 years of bad luck to!