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16-06-06, 07:07
laracroft2122 reporting for duty here in the internet cafe of Newcastle Airport, Tyneside. I am waiting to board my plane to the Dominican Republic, a 9 and a quater hour flight. I am sitting in the internet cafe. I board in three quaters of an hour. Oh there is an easyjet flying off!

In this thread I will keep you aware of what I am doing on my holiday/vacation, feel free to post. I should arive in the Dominican at 2PM Dominican Republic Local Time.

From me and From Newcastle Airport,
See you soon!

16-06-06, 07:11
I will be flying very soon but am dreading the 9 and a quater hours flight :(
But on the bright side it won't be long until I am sunbathing :)

16-06-06, 07:26
I'm so jealus of you. I want to go on holidays too :hea:

Unfortunately my holidays start in 17/7 :(

17-06-06, 12:25
Have fun. :wve:

17-06-06, 12:29
Sounds nice. Enjoy yourself.