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tlr online
16-06-06, 09:27
How important is the packaging that comes with the products you buy? Has anyone bought a product simply based on its packaging over another brand?

16-06-06, 09:29
I don't think I've bought a product simply for its packaging, but it's impressive when done correctly:

The packaging for Oblivion special edition for example - now That's impressive :tmb:

16-06-06, 09:36
If you mean I'd pick Tesco Finest over Tesco Value simply because the wrapping looks fancy, then yes. :p

Though seriously, if a product's packaging is eye-catching I might be more inspired to buy it. It depends on the product. :)

Laras Backpack
16-06-06, 09:54
I like the things I buy to have good packaging, but bitter experince (i.e. easter eggs as a child) have shown me that it's just a marketing ploy.
I just follow experience. If something is well packaged and proves to be a good product, I'll keep buying it. But if I can get the same or better product for a cheaper price (but with naff, economy packaging) I'd switch to that.

16-06-06, 09:55
The only thing I recently bought because of packaging was an Alfa Romeo racing game, which caught my attention by having an Alfa Romeo on it (I'm a fan of this brand).

However, product packaging is a very important thing for me still. It sends a message about the company and the product. A package that looks more like someone put a lot of thought into it also gives me the impression that people put a lot of though in the contents.

A high point in packaging would be whatever Apple does. In the last few years I bought three computers and two iPods from them, and the opening of the package is always kind of a ritual. Everything has a nice fixed place, it is all wrapped nicely, all this gives one the impression that one has bought something cool. Which leads to situations like the following: http://www.joyoftech.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/790.html Of course, the actual products were as cool as one could expect from the package, but that is not the point here.

An example for the contrary are most pieces of PC hardware. A graphics card box usually contains the card in either a cheap piece of transparent plastic on some foam or an anti-static bag that looks like some slave in east asia put it together. Everything, including the manual and driver CD is flying around loosely.

The lowest point I've recently seen was the Tomb Raider Trilogy for Mac (1-3, including gold). What I got was a TR1 package with a sticker saying that it was the trilogy. In the box, I had the original CDs from TR1 and TR2 for Mac and a "Tomb Raider Trilogy" CD containing 3 and the gold versions. In addition, a piece of paper was flying around with the message that I should only use the installer provided on the third CD. For 1 and 2, the booklets were included (just flying around) while for 3, it was only available as a PDF on the game disk. This kind of packaging did not really make me confident that I bought something good.

16-06-06, 10:33
Packaging is important, such as grand theft auto games come with posters and things, and special edition cases such as the resi 4 *LIMITED EDITION* case looks Great!

16-06-06, 10:48
Packaging is Very important, many a time ive been bored and bought a game or a book, just because " it looked good"

Same goes for food, if theres 2 products, chicken for example, ill probably buy the one in the posher packaging thinking it will be the better product and taste better/ have less additives etc ( which it probably wont lol)

16-06-06, 10:52
I usualy like to buy food with special packaging, sometimes I just forget to look at the expiration date and other such "insignificant" details, I get hypnotised by the simple packaging :rolleyes:

16-06-06, 10:56
i buy the food not the packaging. however i wouldnt buiy something if it was snot green and mouldy yellow in colour as i think that would put me off. didnt a suypermarket make that mistake of putting their own brands in a mould selection of colours

16-06-06, 11:06
It's very important especialy to all the persons that do not know well the product!. and they know very well how inportant it is:)
corporations invest millions in packages and in how they look like. for me the pack is important, for exemple, in games, i prefer 2000% more to have a colectors edition then the normal box, because not only fot the unique content, but because the package is always more apelative/beautifull/desireble.:cln:

17-06-06, 12:23
I would say Very Important! :)

17-06-06, 12:25
I'm a perfectionist when it comes to games and DVD's. I'll always want the latest version with the correct slipcase or tin case. :D Oh, and I hate it when the second-hand items miss certain things. I don't have a manual for my AoD game. :(

17-06-06, 16:05
It depends, I would buy a fancy looking box of chocolates as a present for somebody but usually I prefer fresh food anyway. So the answer is No when it applies to my usual shopping. ;)

17-06-06, 16:12
as i work in retail, i know it is important, it has to be cost friendly, reliable to protect the product and it also has to look presentable

17-06-06, 17:29
I don't think I've bought a product simply for its packaging, but it's impressive when done correctly:

The packaging for Oblivion special edition for example - now That's impressive :tmb:

I agree, that version of the game made me buy it!

I have to say generally, i think its quite important. More important than people realise.

I think the TR remake should come in a double pack tin box :D