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17-06-06, 10:38
anyone who knows how to save a video from youtube.com to the hard drive

17-06-06, 10:39
I don't think it's possible.. But I'm not sure :o

17-06-06, 10:42
I've forgott:(

17-06-06, 10:53
so there is a way :)

Lone Raider
17-06-06, 10:56
you can't. It's not an available option. But you could contact the author whether they have a dwonloadable version somewhere. I offer my vids on my personal website. :)

17-06-06, 11:06
no you can download. But it was a special youtube download side

17-06-06, 11:51
You can, I'm not sure if this is illegal, so if it is, I would ask mods to erase it...

1. Go here (http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php)
2. Copy the URL to the empty place at the top of the site
3. Click download and download the video
4. Now you have to have a convert program since videos are in .flv format; convert the video to the format you want