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17-06-06, 13:16
Let's say all the characters in TR meet up (dead or alive- meaning even Brother Obscura, Natla, all.) on a deserted island and have to survive for a month, who do you think would make it?

Just for fairplay, let's count Lara out of it, we all know she'd have made it the best ;)

Remember, the characters should use especially the abilities they are known for, but the rules aren't strict, so they form alliances too ;)

I think that Amanda or Natla could survive the best, I mean they kick butt, and if they'd form an alliance they'd rule!

Btw, anyone here vote for Winston to survive the best?:D

17-06-06, 13:19
I think Natla would- she's an ancient Atlantean - I'm sure her body is much more able/advanced to survive. :D

17-06-06, 13:22
hmm is von croy in here? He might last long... they always say with age comes knowledge and all that stuff. But natla would survive for a fact...

Jake Croft
17-06-06, 13:23
I think Winston with his powerful tray.

17-06-06, 13:26
I actually think brother Obscura would make it, even before Lara met him he was dead. So he would survive, cuz' he's aldready dead! :D :tea:

17-06-06, 13:29
Probably Winston would survive, the other characters would enter insanity within a few days :p

17-06-06, 13:32
Natla on a deserted island in her fancy suit? No way...

Amanda... she has the physical strength and her little pet... :)

da tomb raider!
17-06-06, 14:32
Er... the huge mutant on the begining of level 15 of tr1 gets my vote.

17-06-06, 15:10
I vote T-Rex from The Lost Valley in TR1. If I can't vote that, I pick Natla.

Mad Tony
17-06-06, 16:13
Mad Tony!!!!! :yah:

especially with that stone stuck in him!

he would either win it, or go out in the first day!

Mona Sax
17-06-06, 16:15
Brother Obscura or Amanda as her other self. Both are virtually unkillable, at least as long as there's no Excalibur lying around.

Legend of Lara
17-06-06, 16:41
Kurtis would win hands down! He'd use his Chirugai to his advantage... :mis:

17-06-06, 18:08
Kurtis would win hands down! He'd use his Chirugai to his advantage... :mis:

I AGREE!!:cln: :cln: :cln: :cln: :cln: :cln: :cln: