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17-06-06, 22:33
Does Youtube go very slowly at this time of the day? I'm trying to upload a video, about 1MB and its been over 10 minutes so far!!! :hea:

17-06-06, 22:34
Mmmmm....works fine with me...at the noral speed as usual.

What vid is it? Is it one of those parodies you sent me? LOL:D

17-06-06, 22:35
Tell me about it - youtube uploads are constantly slow. Some of mine at around 7mb took about half an hour :hea: Stupid.

17-06-06, 22:36
Its a video of angelina jolie stealing the first born children of africa....no actually its a trailer for my top secret fan movie! I tried to upload it to gametrailers but was told there was an error. I don't know what could be wrong with it, I used the same settings for my other films :(

17-06-06, 22:38
Oh gosh! Matt! I fell off my seat after I read your first sentence!! LOL :D (literally)


Lara Croft!
17-06-06, 22:39
What kind of films??

17-06-06, 22:40
secret films....NO BRAD GET OFF AAAAHAHHH MY FACE!!! No NO! What are you doing!! I'm scottish not african!!! dont take me to her lair!!! ooooh god no please!!!....actually I'll go :cln: :cln:

HURAY my video just went live :D

17-06-06, 22:41
tell us!!!! :D Please!!!!

17-06-06, 22:43
its in fan art.....this lair aint so bad afterall! hang on...whats this goo? OH GOD ITS ANGEBOAZ ACID OOZE!! OH GOD THE PAIN THE PAIN!!!

17-06-06, 23:57
Its a video of angelina jolie stealing the first born children of africa....

Oh my goodness :eek: