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18-06-06, 00:34
Lol I made Kurtis and Lara in The Sims 2, and took some screenshots. Here they are!

Right now a couple shots of them making out...

Here's a couple shots of when the oven caught fire....


And here they are, against Death itself!

This one is Kurtis begging for Lara's life when she burned to crisp in the fire...


And this is from Lara mourning Kurtis, after he perished in the fire and we lost to Death. (That's Kurtis's orn, or however you spell it, on the ground.)


So in conclusion, I learned that Lara Croft and Kurtis would not make a very good family, because if they had a baby, it would starve to death while they made out. Either that, or I just make a bad god over 2 people in a household. Thank you.

Lara Croft!
18-06-06, 00:47
LOL!!!!!!Very nice stuff!!!Can't u make the bodies more fit in Sims????

18-06-06, 00:50
How do you mean? If you mean graphical, it's because my computer graphics are actually pretty sweet, but when you take a screenshot of a moving thing, it kind of blurs. Like, sway your hand in front of a camera when the picture is being taken. It won't develop very well.

Lara Croft!
18-06-06, 01:07
No,I mean their bodies are not well-shaped in the meaning that they look flubby!Like they don't exercise at all!!!Kurtis should be more mascular and Lara more fit!Can't that thing happen in character development?

18-06-06, 01:09
Unfortunatley, no. you can choose whether they are skinny or fat, but that's it. Maybe The Sims 3 will let you choose how mascular they are.

Lara Croft!
18-06-06, 01:13
That sucks!!!U can't control their height either?

18-06-06, 01:16
Nope. You can control every little detail of their makeup, but not one little bit on height or abs.

Hybrid Soldier
18-06-06, 02:50
Unfortunatley, no. you can choose whether they are skinny or fat, but that's it. Maybe The Sims 3 will let you choose how mascular they are.

Yes actually you can make them more fit. Just buy an exercise machine and get Kurtis to use it every once and a while when he gets the chance (if he doesn't work). Eventually his body will look more toned.

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-06-06, 02:57
Kurtis could use some buffing up, but Lara looks pretty fit to me. There's no extra skin or fat anywhere.

18-06-06, 03:26
Haha! Nice job! I can't see Lara and Kurtis as a couple... :p Is that the Sims 2 for computer?

18-06-06, 03:56
Ya, computer. I took the pics pretty soon after I started the game though. I also tried for a baby, and they had one lol.