View Full Version : comment your avatar/sig. (2nd round)

18-06-06, 11:10
avatar:seeming like a frend

18-06-06, 11:14
My avatar still makes me laugh even though it's getting old..

My sig changed from not being allowed a Bday party, to it being an Obscure one, because it Really will be ;)

18-06-06, 11:20
any more

18-06-06, 11:45
My avatar makes me laugh

I like my sig as well I love junk food and I hope about the remakes

18-06-06, 11:46
My avatar makes me think, I need a better one

in these arms
18-06-06, 11:47
I like my avatar.

My sig need changing

18-06-06, 11:48
I love your sig Angel! Very good perspective!

18-06-06, 13:03
Mine is..orange. :D -isn't going to change it-

18-06-06, 13:05
I love my avvie.. It's so blue... and cool
and I like my signature aswell :)

Lara's Boy
18-06-06, 13:05
I like my avatar, because it is of Kate Beckinsale (who is teh hawt!!)

I like my sig just because it is Greek, and that is where I plan to vacation early next year :D

18-06-06, 13:08
I love my avatar! It's so calm and beautiful... *Dreams* My sig is great! :D :tea:

18-06-06, 13:15
I choose my avatars carefully... or not. I like that album.

My sig ownz you all :tea:

18-06-06, 14:18
I love my avatars ^^ always containing the lovely ladys or t.A.T.u.

i love my sig because it is my favorite line from the song " malchik gei " - t.A.T.u.

18-06-06, 14:21
My avatar owns, if I might say so myself. :whi:

And I like my sig too, but it could do with a change if I can be bothered. :D

Legend of Lara
18-06-06, 14:22
My avatar is cute. :D

My sig is one of the most famous quotes from Sonic X ever! :jmp:

18-06-06, 14:35
As a cat lover with perpetual pc problems, I love my avatar to bits http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/animal/animal0048.gif

My sig describes me to a tee. I may do a bit of music photography now and then, but most of the time I'm just a nerd at home :cool: