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in these arms
18-06-06, 13:08
Im trying to find and download OLD VERSIONS of sonic the hedgehog. But when I download them it send me to accessories and not the game. So can soemone find me good sites that will work?

18-06-06, 13:14
Isn't it illegal to download stuff like that? I thought it was.

da tomb raider!
18-06-06, 13:15
Yeah, mate, Fraaadrik is right. Try buying the game from a games shop somewhere, if you can...

18-06-06, 13:16
Sonic Mega Collection has all of the classic games and you can easily get it for under £20 now :)

18-06-06, 13:17
http://www.classic-gaming.net try here

da tomb raider!
18-06-06, 13:30
I don't like sonic, anyway. I only have one of his games; Sonic 3D, and that isn't too good. :cln:

Legend of Lara
18-06-06, 13:39
If you have a GameCube, Sonic Mega Collection is the best you can do. Or if you have a PS2 or XBox you can get Sonic Mega Collection Plus. But if you're looking for the elusive Sonic CD, Sonic Gems Collection for PS2 and GC is your best shot. :D