View Full Version : I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (DVD/CD)

Lara Lover
18-06-06, 14:22
Heya guys.

I was just wondering is anyone going to buy the Madonna CD/DVD of I'm Going To Tell You A Secret? It's a CD/DVD Package. DVD is the documentry "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" that she filmed while on her RIT tour! CD is a special Live CD with 14 tracks. 1 of those tracks is "I Love New York" Original Version. The other mix of "I Love New York" is on her "Confessions" CD.

It's out tomorrow for the UK.
It's out on Tuesday for the USA.

BTW, It's already out in Ireland :p Us Irelanders actually get something before the rest of the world :cln:

18-06-06, 14:23
they showed it on channel 4 before, never watched it and I don't plan on buying it hehe:)

18-06-06, 14:25
oooooooooooooooh i was gonna tell Scion about this! I seen a commerical for it last night. I really dont care for madonna at all so i will not be getting this...