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18-06-06, 22:10
I'm finding these forums really hard to use as there is no search feature and there are so many posts it takes ages to page through the forums if you're looking for a specific thread. :hea: I know that this software has a search facility, why is it disabled? :confused:

Also, the facility to find my own posts using the control panel doesn't work. It just says I don't have sufficent permission or something like that. :hea:

Can these features please be re-enabled? It would make these forums so much more usable. :tmb:

18-06-06, 22:11
Not entirely, go to the EIDOS tomb raider forums. They have search and much more, but the speed is so so slow. If these features are added it will be terribly slow.

18-06-06, 22:12
The search funtion has always been an issue around here man. When ever TLR manages to fix it, it breaks down on us again. Its a total annoyance. I think we definately need it back.

tlr online
18-06-06, 22:33
Gambit. Here is the problem. We are nearing 1 million posts. 500,000 haven't been indexed by the Search Engine. I need to close the forum and run a complete index on all 1 mil posts and save them to the database. This process will take around 5-10 hours. I keep putting it off, because it means closing the forum, but I take your comments on board and will schedule the maintenance in the not to distant future.

Until then. Please be patient. If something is urgent, let me know and I can perform a manual search.

18-06-06, 22:43
the trick is, keep visiting, and dont fall behind :D lol

18-06-06, 22:44
Yep, I know down time for maintenance can be seen as a negative thing: I used to worry about in the past on forums that I run.

However, I changed my views. Maintenance is an essential part of running any forum and if it makes the users happier in the long term, then for me, it's not a difficult decision to make. I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over taking forums offline for a day or even longer to improve them for everyone.

Hope you can look into it soon! Thanks. :tmb:

18-06-06, 23:10
Everytime I see a new post, I write the title of the thread in permanent marker on my skin. That way I always know where to look, but if its from march 2003 I can only find it when nobody is in the room. I've actually ran out of skin so I will have to shave my hair off, I dont know what after that, I think I will become obese so there will be more room.

This is the only solution everyone copy me I send markers out by mail (wich one?) (roayl mail or clasic) clasic

18-06-06, 23:12
LOL :vlol: