View Full Version : Nightmare on Elm Street (Remastered Edition)

19-06-06, 16:57

The region 1 release of A Nightmare on Elm Street: Special Edition is scheduled for September 26th.

Details include:

*New digitally remastered widescreen transfer
*Dolby Digital 6.1 and Stereo Surround tracks
*Audio commentary by Wes Craven, Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp
*'Never Sleep Again' documentary
*'House that Freddy Built' documentary
*'Night Terrors' documentary
*'Freddy's coming for you' trivia challenge
*'Infinifilm' interactive video clips

Region 1 only???? *sighs*

da tomb raider!
19-06-06, 16:59
Never mind, pal...

19-06-06, 18:04
The artwork looks good!!!

Legend of Lara
19-06-06, 18:16
Yay. A man with a burnt face and claws. :jmp:

Mona Sax
19-06-06, 18:18
Nice, but I've already got it on DVD, so I don't think I'm gonna buy it again just for a few extras.

25-06-06, 13:17
Yay. A man with a burnt face and claws. :jmp:

da tomb raider!
25-06-06, 13:36
Mmm... pizza... from pizza hut... mmm... Oh, right, sorry. Nightmare on elm's street in rubbish! If u aint a teen, you aint got nothin to worry about!

Prince of world
25-06-06, 13:59
not intersest...:D

25-06-06, 14:04
My brother already bought a box with all of the movies. I only like the first one, the others arent' really worth watching, they're good for a laugh tough.