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according to a few things i have seen there was suppose to be more to the movie Kill Bill in which kiddo ( the bride ) would fight a whole new boss figure...

The Untold Story of Yuki Yubari
Yubari Sisters incomplete with only Go Go. Where's Yuki? Heavy spoilers. Do not read until you've seen Kill Bill Volume 1.

Go Go's younger sister Yuki Yubari was completely written out of Kill Bill. In the early script of Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino, there's an entire chapter called Yuki's Revenge. According to this old script, Yuki Yubari partied with the rest of her gang at the House of Blue Leaves but had to turn in early due to a cold. Maybe that's Tarantino's polite way to say it's passed her bedtime. Besides, Good Citizen Tarantino (tm) can never allow warm sake to touch the lips of this underaged kid even though at 16, she's only a year younger than Go Go. She might be a Yubari (and therefore hot as hell), but she still hasn't developed that killer/psychotic edge yet. After kissing Sophie Fatale goodnight, she left just before Uma kickstarted her samurai disco. When she learned the piercing headache Go Go had to suffer thanks to the Bride, Yuki decided to off the miserable blonde lest the world thinks that she lacked the balls (pun intended) that Go Go had. The script called for Yuki to take revenge on the Bride on her home turf in the United States. After a whirlwind tour around LA, Hollywood, and Disneyland armed with her disposable Barbie camera, she decides that a submachine gun would be the perfect accessory for taking down the silly American. When Yuki finally confronts the woman who forced Go Go to drop out of school, the young girl demands revenge (and makeup tips. I kid you not; QT is a genius!). Black Mamba, however, has no time for the brat (two down, three to go, remember?). Now, the Bride's existence offends Yuki and we see her demonstrate that she can chew bubblegum and fire a loaded automatic at the same time while chasing The Bride through the streets of Los Angeles. Strangely, no one in LA is disturbed by a girl with pink fingernails spraying the neighborhood with bullets as long as she's hot. Finally, Yuki Yubari traps the Bride in a suburban home (metaphor on so many levels) and after much struggling on the floor for the ladies (to the much delight of the audience if this were made), Yuki is bested by Uma. Here's hoping there's room in heaven for bad girls who look chic in school uniforms. The Yuki's Revenge chapter never went to the production stage because Kou Shibasaki, the Battle Royale actress Tarantino wanted for the role of Yuki Yubari, could not sign on to Kill Bill due to other commitments. Quentin Tarantino also begrudgingly admitted that the movie is long enough already and therefore he dropped Yuki's Revenge from the final script. The original draft with Yuki Yubari is floating on the Net and is recommended reading for all those who are interested in Kill Bill. Perhaps one day, Tarantino will animate that sequence as a special feature for the ultimate Kill Bill DVD. Please visit my Kou Shibasaki Fandom website for information on the actress who would have been Yuki Yubari.

[source] - www.chiaki-kuriyama.zanlius.com ( Actress of gogo yubari web site )

I really wish that would have been in there. sounds like it would have been awsome to watch ^^

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Thanks for posting. Do you have a source?

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Wow, that sounded funny!

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Wow, interesting, thanks :tmb:

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Interesting bit of trivia: the actress who was supposed to play Yuki Yubari was the actress who played Mitsuko in Battle Royale. I dont remember where I read that, though

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i have also heard rumours of a kill bill 3. Where people seek revenge on the bride and attack back in her home in the U.S.
i really hope so! i loove these movies ^^

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Oh that would've been brilliant! Kou Shibasaki and Chiaki Kiriyama in the same film again?! Both Batte Royale and Kill Bill are my favourite films, so if thise scene was included it would've been so cool!

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Interesting bit of trivia: the actress who was supposed to play Yuki Yubari was the actress who played Mitsuko in Battle Royale. I dont remember where I read that, though

Correct! wow in battle royale mitsuko kills chigusa. hehe so in the kill bill universe yuki killed gogo. kinda funny...

" Supposedly, Tarantino wanted actress Kou Shibasaki and Chiaki Kuriyama to play the Yubari sisters, after he saw their performances in Battle Royale. However, Shibasaki had to refuse the role due to work commitments, so Kuriyama got the role and the character of Yuki was instead dropped.

Tarantino has stated that he intends to make a third Kill Bill movie. If so, it is likely that the character of Yuki Yubari will be included, since Tarantino also mentioned that Beatrix Kiddo would be the target of revenge should a third film be made. "


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KILL BILL 3! KILL BILL 3! KILL BILL 3! :yah: :yah: :yah: Thanks for the news. Any word as to when the ultimate dvd comes out? I must get it!

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not confirmed yet but im sure it will be out sooner or later...

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HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!

That would have been SOO AWESOME!!!!
Too bad it was cut!

They could have added it onto Volume 2 and taken out that ridiculously BORING sequence with Kiddo and Pai Mei

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yeah, a third helping of chaos and mindless violence. Yeah!!!!!:D

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Gosh! I thought I was the only who knew this! And I thought everyone already knew this!! WOw, thanks for sharing! I also, felt peeved when I read this years ago!

And plus, Quentin's original script for the snowfight in The House of Blue Leaves was longer, and we should have seen O-Ren still talking when she fell on the ground. She praises The Bride for killing her saying that it was an honour to be killed by a worthy opponent and also by the best sword ever made.

Also, Elle, was supposed to die in the original script and be forgiven by the Bride. it was supposed to be an emotional scene where Elle, after having her throat sliced, fell to the ground and embraced The Bride's feet. Then the two 'sisters' forgave one another and The Bride then buried Elle in the desert with a plank of wood as a gravestone ettched 'L Driver'.

I really thought that was a better ending than the one we were given. But I guess Tarantino wanted something more 'hard' and not emotional so as not to make it too melodramatic. Still.

Oh and Also, the fight scene between Bill and The Bride was supposed to be on a beach where they have a duel. It was really impressive in the script. The sunset in the beach was the background of the fight. So epic, but we were presented with a quickie where The Bride kills him in no less than a minue, even thirty seconds. I hated the ending, But what can I do.

I really wanted Quentin to stick to his original script. :(


Oh, and I will try to look for the script and show you all. You might think I am mad!


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Now I am definitely vexed! I have found the original script but it doesn't seem to open. :mad:

I will try to look for another one.

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found one!!!

the offical Kill Bill script!!!!!!! ( including yuki chapter )


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Wow. You beat me to it!

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had to join a new forum to get it XD

Wow alot of gogo's lines were intended for yuki to use hmm interesting...

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I loved everything but the fight between Bill and Beatrix. I wish they had done the duel on the beach. Probably thought David Carradine might break a hip. :D Just kidding, he's fantastic. I also didn't like the fact that she didnt kill Elle. She's supposed to be getting revenge (aka killing) but she doesn't. Though, I suppose for an assasin being blind would be worse than death, but, meh.