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20-06-06, 11:26

I have Vmware with Linux as host OS, guest is Windows 2000. TR4 installs fine, and apparently runs fine as well, apart from the fact that there's nothing to be seen. The game is clearly running, sound and controls are working. In-game movies are shown. I can see them, but the screen blanks when they're over.

So, is this caused by Vmware, which has only recently acquired 3D capabilities, by using DirectX9 or by running TR4 under Win2000?

20-06-06, 12:24
Hello Salomona, welcome to our forums. I have no idea about Vmware. But your W2000, is it updated with SP4?

Then, after installing, replace your existing tr4.exe with the Last Revelation - Windows XP - DOWNLOAD (which is TLR Patch V1.2) from this page (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/windowsxp2.html).

Look also HERE (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr4.html).

Lord PsyPing
20-06-06, 12:45

20-06-06, 13:22
AFAIK currently there is no support for Direct3D in VMware (I'm using free VMware Server). Maybe software rendering in TR4 will work but I doubt it.

20-06-06, 14:53
Joseph: Thanks for your welcome. Yes, Win2000 is fully updated, and I'm using the TR4 patch.

Lord PsyPing: I wasn't aware of Open Raider, but I'm certainly going to check it out!

Zebius: Yes, the newest Vmware Workstation can do DirectX (to some degree) with a simple config change. It's "experimental".

Thank you all for your answers!

20-06-06, 15:14

The project has been abandoned for a very long time, the last changes to the source code were made two years ago. I was completely unable to get it to run, but I am far from a Linux expert. It's developer (http://www.icculus.org/~mongoose/) also considers this project quite finished. I have no idea how well it really works, but I would guess that large parts of most levels would not work as intended.

It is a very good point of reference when you're looking how to parse and deal with Tomb Raider files, but I'm not sure if it is actually useable to play Tomb Raider.

20-06-06, 15:42
I can't get it to compile wither. What a shame!

20-06-06, 16:20
Yes, you are right :)
I think you just need to wait for next versions of VMware Workstation. I hope free Server version will have Direct3D support too.
Did you try to ask your question at VMware forums?

20-06-06, 16:50
After spending hours getting WinME to work in Vmware, I conclude that the new D3D stuff doesn't work in WinME. Sigh.

There are some problems with sound in Vmware 5.5 (as opposed to 5.0). I managed to get sound to work in W2K, but not in WinME.

I briefly saw TR4 run in WinME, but that must have been software emulation. And it was in a window. Most of the time tr4.exe refuses to run at all.

I'll try TR4 in Wine and if that doesn't work either, I'll have to do without Tomb Raider for a while longer.

20-06-06, 17:12
Or install Windows as basic OS. ;)