View Full Version : Quadrophenia: Two-Disc Special Edition (Region 2 DVD) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

20-06-06, 19:04

Title: Quadrophenia: Special Edition
Starring: Phil Daniels
Released: 7th August 2006
SRP: £17.99

Further Details:

Universal Pictures Video has announced the release of Quadrophenia: Special Edition for the 7th of August, priced at around £17.99. Full specs can be found below, along with the artwork.

Extras follow:

*Digitally Remastered Widescreen Picture
*Brand New Stereo Audio Track
*A Way of Life: Making Quadrophenia – A restrospective documentary looking back 25 years to the making of one of the most significant ‘youth’ films to emerge in the UK
*On Location with Franc – Franc Roddam revisits several locations used in the film
Audio Commentary – with director Franc Roddam and actors Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash

21-06-06, 15:31
I take it nobody cares, then.

Lara's Boy
21-06-06, 15:32
didn't even know this was a movie.....when I first read the title I could have sworn it said 'Quadripalegic' (sp)!!! :D :tea:

21-06-06, 17:17
never heard of it but anything that is region 2 is better in color and quality.

21-06-06, 18:33
It's a brilliant film. Fans of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll should enjoy it. :D

24-06-06, 21:19
This should be a vast improvement over the 1999 release, which had a grainy, scratched full frame picture, a quiet audio track and only a photo montage for an extra.

24-06-06, 21:26
O yeah.... The Who! :tmb:

24-06-06, 21:27
O yeah.... The Who! :tmb:
Can you see the reeeeaalllll me?

25-06-06, 00:24
Most people can't... live with that fact. ;)